Hundreds of people turn out to watch teenagers arrive for PROM

Party time! Hundreds of people turn out to watch teenagers arrive for their school PROM in quiet Somerset town… complete with some VERY impressive transport

  • Each year the Somervale prom invites thousands of guests as two schools go head to head at leavers’ party 
  • Arrival procession began at 8am this morning as Volkswagens and Vespas helped pupils to arrive in style 
  • How are you arriving at YOUR prom? Send pictures of your vehicles to us at [email protected]

Usually huge droves of spectators cramming onto street corners signifies the visit of a high-profile celebrity or member of the Royal family. 

But hundreds of people lined the streets of Somerset to watch youngsters ride Vespas, vintage cars and Hummers to a school prom that accepts thousands of guests each year.

What is usually a proud day for parents turned into an event of huge proportions in Midsomer Norton, Avon, where country lanes were lined with railings to keep the crowds back.

Pupils in the small town have become known for the most lavish prom in the country as students attempt to outdo each other every year

Pupils of Somervale School pose next to a Volkswagen van decked out with white ribbon to celebrate the leavers’ party

A guest leans against the BMW in which he arrived at the prom which every year welcomes thousands of youngsters to the end of year party

Huge Hummers and limousines transport pupils to the party every year as they prepare to bid farewell to the classroom

A vintage VW van transports pupils to their prom in the Somerset town, which every year turns out to celebrate the school leavers’ party as thousands of guests descend on the event 

Pupils of Somervale School arrive for their prom in Midsomer Norton. The Somervale school prom has become the biggest event in the Somerset town with crowds of hundreds coming out to watch the students’ big day

 A man rides a Vespa scooter to the prom as he transports one of the party guests to the event, which accepts thousands each year as revellers line the street to send the pupils off in style 

Vintage cars were decked out to celebrate the school leavers’ prom in Midsomer Norton, which has become famous for celebrating the event more than any other English town

Girls line up next to one another at the annual event, where pupils try to outdo one another every year as thousands descend on the party

The Somervale school prom has become the biggest event in the Somerset town with crowds of hundreds coming out to watch the students’ big day as two schools compete with one another for the most lavish arrival

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The small town is famous for making fuss of Somervale School’s prom night and last year the BBC reported that more than 3,000 guests brought the area to a standstill.

Pupils were suited and booted as they arrived in Volkswagen vans and retro saloon cars alongside others decked out with ribbons.

Thousands of guests turn out for the Somervale prom every year and the area has become known for its no-expense-spared approach to the party

Vintage cars allowed pupils of Somervale School to arrive for their prom in Midsomer Norton in style as the procession began this morning 

Male pupils pose beside a car at the Somervale prom, Midsomer Norton. The Somervale prom has become the biggest event in the Somerset town’s calendar with crowds of hundreds coming out to watch the arrival procession

Girls arrive at the annual prom after the procession started at 8am today as pupils went head to head in an attempt to have the most lavish vehicles

An array of brightly coloured vehicles transported the youngsters to their end-of-year celebration as they leave their school days behind them.

The small town in south-west England has built a reputation for not sparing any expense at the annual event and each year pupils attempt to outdo one another.

Previous proms have seen youngsters try to upstage one another with tanks, tractors and even mobility scooters.

They begin preparing for the leavers’ ball right at the start of the school year, with all the planning culminating in the arrival procession which began at 8am today. 

The town is famed for its annual arrival procession before the prom, with guests turning up at the party as early as 8am to celebrate leaving school 

Ribbons adorn expensive cars at the prom as pupils take their last chance to show off as they mark the end of their school days in Somerset

A quirky take on camouflage was among the vehicles arriving at the school prom, with the parade beginning as early as 8am 

Vintage cars allowed Somerset pupils to arrive in style this morning as they prepared for a prom marking the end of their school days 



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