Hunter Biden says he doesn't remember having sex with Lunden Roberts

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden tells how he found his grieving sister-in-law ‘alluring’ and claims he doesn’t recall having sex with a stripper – who ended up having his child – months before meeting his current wife who ‘saved his life,’ in new memoir

  • Hunter Biden describes falling in love with his grieving sister-in-law after his brother Beau’s death in his new memoir, Beautiful Things
  • The president’s youngest son reveals he was enchanted by Hallie Biden’s ‘flashing Cheshire cat smile’ and found her ‘alluring’ and ‘hypnotic’ 
  • Hunter’s controversial relationship with his brother’s widow became public in 2017 shortly after he separated from ex-wife Kathleen 
  • He writes how he was driven into Hallie’s arms after Beau’s death in 2015 which also led him to consider suicide 
  • The 51-year-old only briefly mentions the other significant woman in his life, Lunden Roberts a former stripper with whom he had a love child in 2018 
  • ‘I had no recollection of our encounter. That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for,’ he writes 
  • Hunter promoted his new book in an interview with CBS airing on Monday in which he revealed he was still using drugs last year during his father’s campaign
  • He recalls Joe and his daughters staging an intervention at the family home in Wilmington, Delaware

Hunter Biden began an affair with his brother’s widow after being enchanted by her ‘wide eyes and flashing Cheshire cat smile’, he writes in his memoir.

The youngest son of President Biden writes that he found Hallie Biden ‘hypnotic’ and ‘incredibly alluring’, even though she was his grieving sister-in-law.

In a queasy passage, Hunter admits that he ‘could see why my brother fell for her’.

The 51-year-old claims their affair, which he claims began in the wake of Beau’s death from brain cancer in 2015, was ‘built on need, hope, frailty and doom’.

The relationship was made public in 2017 after Hunter’s estranged wife Kathleen found text messages from Hallie on his iPad and filed for divorce. previously revealed Kathleen had emailed Hunter saying she was leaving him ‘because you are having an affair and you have been emotionally abusive’.

Over 255 pages, Beautiful Things, which is published next Tuesday by Gallery Books, Hunter lays bare the demons which nearly destroyed him and almost derailed his father’s presidential campaign.

He also addresses his affair with former stripper Lunden Roberts, whom he impregnated in 2018 while he was dating Hallie.  

Hunter Biden describes falling in love with his grieving sister-in-law Hallie Biden (pictured) after his brother Beau’s death, in his new memoir 

The president’s youngest son was previously married to first wife Kathleen (pictured left in 2016) with whom he has three kids. After a string of controversial affairs, he married Melissa Cohen, his current wife, six days after meeting her in 2019

In the lead up to his father’s election, Hunter, 51, who has five children by three different women, had become the focus of attacks by Republicans over his lucrative work with Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

In the book Hunter writes: ‘On the last five years alone, my two-decades-long marriage has dissolved, guns have been put in my face, and at one point I dropped clean off the grid, living in $59-a-night Super 8 motels off the I-95 while scaring my family even more than myself’.

The tragedy which drove Hunter into Hallie’s arms was the death of Beau at the age of just 46.

Hunter’s new memoir, Beautiful Things, is out April 6

Hunter speaks movingly of his love for his brother, a former Attorney General of Delaware who he was convinced would be president one day.

But then doctors diagnosed him with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer after he began to have auditory hallucinations.

In 2013 while on a family holiday in Michigan, he witnessed Beau have a ‘terrifying’ seizure that was ‘like something out of The Exorcist’.

Hunter writes: ‘The violence erupting inside his body was being expressed in convulsions and contractions; you could almost literally see the storm raging inside his brain’.

Beau was given a one percent chance of survival, but still decided to go through radiation therapy even though it left him so weak he was unable to use the bathroom on his own.

Hunter writes: ‘If I had to do it over again, I never would have agreed to put Beau through…the radiation.

‘Given the chances of his coming through and the pain and the deficits it inflicted, it was almost barbaric’.

Hallie is pictured front standing next to Hunter Biden (left in blue suit and sunglasses) and Joe Biden (right in black) at Beau Biden’s funeral on June 6, 2015

Brothers: Hunter (center) is pictured sitting with his late brother Beau (right) and their sister Ashley (far left) in 2012 

Beau lost his battle to cancer on May 30, 2015, less than two years after he was diagnosed.  

Hunter writes that ‘after Beau died, I never felt more alone. I lost hope’.

He began a ‘deep descent’ into drink drug binges that Hunter details in jaw-dropping detail, explaining how his life see-sawed between periods of sobriety and extreme substance abuse.

During one failed recovery he let a homeless crack addict who he bought drugs from move in with him at his apartment in Washington.

‘The relationship was symbiotic,’ he writes. ‘It was two crack addicts who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. A one-act crack farce.’

Hunter recalls a time when a gun was pointed at his face while on his search for drugs.

‘I went through and stepped around people curled up on thin pieces of cardboard. Beyond them, I noticed a tilting, unlit tent. It was pitch black. All I saw was the gun pointed at my face,’ he writes.

Photos of Hunter smoking a crack pipe (left) and appearing inebriated (right) that were found on the laptop. Hunter opened up on his addiction and recovery in his new book

Joe and Hunter Biden on November 7. The 51-year-old revealed he was still doing drugs during his father’s presidential campaign last year that prompted an intervention by his family

Some binges lasted for 12 to 16 hours and Hunter would cut the plastic nub in vodka bottles to make it flow faster.

He only ate what he could buy at the liquor store and so his diet became ‘doritos, pork rinds, ramen noodles’ until his stomach couldn’t take the noodles any more.

Hunter writes that he began to develop a ‘shared-travails bond’ with Beau’s widow Hallie while his own marriage was collapsing.

After detoxing at a facility in Arizona, Hallie flew out to meet him and Hunter writes: ‘I was at my lowest, she was at her neediest, and we clung to each other with abandon’.

The book says: ‘There’s no question of the unseen force in the middle of it all: Beau.

‘It was this unspoken, unacknowledged dynamic that had begun to impel us both: the idea that we could keep Beau alive by being together – that by loving each other we somehow could love him back into existence’.

Hunter writes that it ‘made perfect sense except for how it made no sense at all’. He describes it as an ‘affair built on need, hope, frailty and doom’.

While Hallie was not ‘consumed by politics’ like he was, she had a different appeal.

Hunter Biden, pictured with his wife Melissa Cohen and their son Beau Biden Jr. on March 26 as they boarded Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. The father-of-five has credited his wife for saving his life 

Hunter only briefly mentions the other significant woman in his life, Lunden Roberts (pictured with her new fiance) a former stripper with whom he had a love child in 2018 while he was dating Hallie. 

He writes in Beautiful Things: ‘She’s incredibly alluring – her wide eyes and flashing Cheshire cat smile are hypnotic.

‘I could see why my brother fell for her. Hallie was proud of Beau and what they built as a family. That’s what satisfied her in every way’.

Hunter stayed over at Hallie’s house and helped with her two children by picking them up from soccer games and putting them to bed by telling them stories about their father.

He writes that he was ‘seduced by the idea of providing the same kind of extended family that surrounded Beau and me’.

Hunter says he didn’t want to replace his brother but ‘wanted to feel his presence’ but he admits that it could have been ‘selfishness’ that drove him to continue the affair.

When Kathleen discovered the texts on his iPad and filed for divorce in February 2017 everything ‘blew up’ and his affair became public.

As Hunter puts it, he had given Kathleen the perfect excuse to divorce him: he was the ‘sicko sleeping with my brother’s wife’.

Hunter admits his daughters were ‘devastated’ and that amid the ‘dumpster fire’ that resulted he began to use drugs again.

His life spiraled out of control once more and he spent six days partying with drug dealers and their stripper girlfriends at a hotel room in Los Angeles while he was supposed to be at a clinic.

Lunden, 29, secured a reported $2.5m settlement when the paternity suit was resolved which she used to buy a newly-constructed three-bedroom home last October for herself, Navy Joan and Princeton

Hunter writes: ‘I hit the (crack) pipe like there was no tomorrow, strolling around in my underwear and generally acting insane’.

What saved him was meeting Melissa Cohen, a blonde South African a decade younger than him who he was introduced to through a friend.

On their first date at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles, Hunter told her: ‘You have exactly the same eyes as my brother’.

He said: ‘I know this isn’t a good way to start a first date, but I’m in love with you’. She told him the same soon afterwards.

Hunter got a ‘shalom’ tattoo to match Cohen’s and, six days after they met, they got married. 

Neither the bride nor the groom had any family members in attendance and the wedding photos were taken by a friend on their phone. They were pictured together after the ceremony in a photo published on ABC News.

Hunter writes that Cohen took his phone, computer, car keys and wallet away from him to stop him using drugs.

She deleted anyone’s name from his phone that was not a family member and reset the password on his laptop so he’d have to ask permission to use it.

Every time he went to the bathroom she would follow him inside and went through his bank records, ticking off charges like the $15,000 one of his dealers ran up at a Best Buy near his house.

Hunter writes that he ‘never resented her taking that kind of control’ because she was ‘saving my life’.

The wedding was courtesy of Instant Marriage LA – the same agency which married Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – and when they called a Russian immigrant called Maria Kharlash said she could do it the next day as it was late in the afternoon.

Hunter offered to pay extra and they drove to her office immediately.

He writes: ‘The decision never felt rash or harebrained or reckless. It felt urgent. It felt like I’d been given a reprieve. I felt the astonishing luck of a man who’d agreed to meet a woman for coffee when it was all but impossible for him to leave a hotel room without a crack pipe in his hand, and who fell in love at first sight’.

Hunter’s daughters Maisy, 20, Finnegan, 21, and Naomi, 27, (far left, center left and center right) are pictured with their cousin Natalie (far right) who is Beau Biden’s daughter

The couple would go on to have a son, Beau, who was born in March last year.

Hunter writes that he felt so good around Cohen because she ‘looked at me the way my brother always looked at me…with love admiration and wonderment’.

Hunter only briefly mentions the other significant woman in his life, Lunden Roberts, a former stripper with whom he had a love child in 2018 while he was dating Hallie.

In the book he writes that apart from Hallie the ‘other women I’d been with during rampages since my divorce were hardly the dating type’.

He writes: ‘We would satisfy our immediate needs and little else. I’m not proud of it.

‘It’s why I would later challenge in court the woman in Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine – I had no recollection of our encounter. That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for’.

Far from taking responsibility, Hunter initially denied he was the child’s father and forced Roberts to go to court to get him to pay child support for the baby, which is now two years old.  

The Biden family home in Wilmington, Delaware, where it’s thought the intervention took place

Hunter did two interviews with CBS to promote his new memoir. The first will air on Sunday morning, and the second will air on Monday morning.  

The network on Friday teased a trailer for both sit-downs in which Hunter will reveal how his father staged an intervention to get him to give up drugs during the presidential election last year. 

Hunter will also address the laptop that was found last year in a store in Delaware and contained details of Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, as well as damaging photos of him doing drugs and drunk.  

The Biden family has shied away from discussing it at length. He says that he ‘for real, doesn’t know’ if it was his or not.   

‘There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me,’ he says in the clip. 

‘It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the — that it was Russian intelligence.’  

The laptop was discovered during the campaign and threatened his father’s campaign.  

It contained emails that showed Hunter communicating with a Ukrainian businessman where the pair discussed what looked like a meeting between the businessman and Joe, when Joe was Vice President. 

The emails first emerged in a report by The New York Post.  

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