Hunter Biden’s full of it — he knows it’s his laptop, and he wasn’t hacked

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“Absolutely,” Hunter Biden tells CBS “Sunday Morning,” after a reporter finally asks him the media avoided asking him — and his father — during the 2020 campaign: Is the laptop yours?

But, being a Biden, he can’t help but prevaricate. “Certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked, it could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Oh, Hunter, you’re so full of it.

The troubled son knows that he left the laptop at a Delaware repair shop and then forgot about it. How could he forget about something like that? Well, he admits that he’s relapsed on drugs as recently as last year’s presidential campaign.

The Post interviewed the owner of the computer repair shop. We checked the dates and content of some of the emails against real-life events. We looked at the literally thousands of pictures of Hunter Biden on the hard drive. We did the reporting. It’s his laptop.

When we asked Hunter Biden and the Joe Biden campaign in 2020, they dodged the question and called it all a “conspiracy theory” and suggested vaguely he might have been hacked. The press, usually on guard for a non-denial denial, played along. The laptop was “unverified.” No one bothered to ask the campaign any follow-up questions, even though the laptop repairman backed up the story to other outlets. Twitter took their cue from the Democrats and blocked our account, a move Jack Dorsey now calls “a total mistake.”

In his memoir, Hunter Biden recalls his drug struggles and admirable efforts to get clean in startling detail. We’re not buying that he doesn’t remember dropping off the laptop. He’d rather muddy the waters by saying it was “stolen,” or the go-to boogeyman for liberals for everything that doesn’t go their way: “Russian hacking!”

Now that he’s finally conceded that, yes, it’s probably his, perhaps reporters will start asking the other questions they didn’t ask in the fall of 2020:

* Did you plan on going into business with your father on a massive Chinese investment fund? For how long was Joe involved?

* Is Tony Bobulinski lying when he says he met with Joe Biden about this endeavor, and the current president said “look after my family”?

* An email says the split on that endeavor was  “20 H,” “10 Jim,” and “10 held by H for the big guy.” Is Joe Biden the big guy?

* Why did the Chinese oligarch behind that fund give you a diamond? How long did he pay you for? What did you do for him?

* In your emails, an official from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma thanks you for meeting your father. Joe Biden’s campaign said no official meeting ever took place. Was there an informal meeting? How much did you discuss with your dad what you were doing?

There are many more. Hunter and Joe won’t answer us, we’ve tried. They’d rather just shout “smear campaign” and “hack.” How long is the media going to buy it?

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