Hurricane Sam UK warning: How Atlantic Category 4 storm could impact weather in England

BBC Weather: Europe set for ‘significant thunderstorms’

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Hurricane Sam is surging across the Atlantic towards the US. The raging twister has now intensified to a Category 4 storm. Forecasters have issued new warnings advising Britons the storm could impact the weather in England. Should Brits brace themselves for turbulent weather? Here’s the latest on this major storm.

Hurricane Sam is generating 150mph winds as it tracks closer to the US.

The storm is continuing to strengthen as it moves west across the Atlantic.

Sam is forecast to remain a major hurricane for several more days.

Although forecasters don’t expect the storm to come close enough to land to cause major damage, it remains uncertain if it will impact weather in the UK.

As of September 28, 11am ET (4pm BST) Hurricane Sam has remained far from any land.

The National Hurricane Centre recorded it nearly 600 miles east of the Northern Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean.

Will Hurricane Sam impact England’s weather?

The BBC said while the system continues across the Atlantic, it’s too hard to predict for certain how it will impact UK’s weather.

But they warn it will likely make conditions “wetter and windier than normal.”

The BBC said: “Low pressure should find itself nearby or overhead with more frequent weather fronts keeping things wetter and windier than normal.

“The nature of this weather pattern means it will be quite changeable day-to-day and the temperature trends will likely fluctuate.”

But it added: “We may see more temporary disruption to this pattern if additional hurricanes develop in the Atlantic.”

The US has been blasted by an unusually high number of storms generated in the Atlantic this year.

Sam is the 18th named storm this year to form in the Atlantic.

The hurricane is also the fourth major hurricane of the year.

The other hurricanes recorded this year were Grace, Ida and Larry.

BBC said: ”Hurricane season typically ends at the end of November, and we are forecasting a very active year for the 2021 season.”

There are currently no coastal watches or weather warnings in place for Hurricane Sam.

But forecasters warn potentially life-threatening swells could reach Bermuda and the Bahamas “in a couple of days.”

While the East Coast of the United States could be affected later this week.

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