Ilhan Omar shames Biden for pulling negative Trump ads as she attacks 'reckless' president for 'spreading deadly virus'

MINNESOTA Rep Ilhan Omar shamed Joe Biden for pulling negative ads about Donald Trump after the president tested positive for COVID-19, urging the former vice president to "get it together."

Omar opined that Trump would not have offered the Democratic presidential nominee the same courtesy had he tested positive for the virus that sparked a global pandemic.

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"Why would Biden delay or suspend his campaign when we know Trump would've had ads up by noon today ridiculing Biden for testing positive? Get it together," she tweeted on Friday, hours after Trump went public with his diagnosis.

The Biden campaign said it would pull the negative ads on Friday, the same day that Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center to receive treatment for the virus.

Biden himself has wished the president, and First Lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive, a speedy recovery, and spoken about how their diagnoses go to show how Americans should be taking coronavirus safety measures seriously.

Rep Omar, on the other hand, has been highly critical of Trump since news broke about his diagnosis, slamming him for "reckless" behavior surrounding COVID-19.

On Saturday, she used the hashtag #RoseGardenMassacre to describe what many are calling a "super spreader" event held at the White House last weekend.

Since the event, where Trump announced  Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, at least nine members of Trump's inner circle have tested positive for COVID-19.

Among those infected are Republican Senators Mike Lee, of Utah, and Thom Tillis, of North Carolina.

"The GOP Senators who tested positive have all had contact with their staff and other Senators," Omar tweeted.

"The Senate should quarantine, without hesitation.

"Democratic Senators shouldn’t be an accomplice to this dangerous reckless behavior. #RoseGardenMassacre," Omar added.

Pictures from the event showed officials and White House staff packed together, and not social distancing.

Many were seen not wearing masks.

Aside from the Trumps, other members of the president's inner circle to test positive include Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, former New Jersey Gov Chris Christie, and Notre Dame President John Jenkins.

When news of Trump's diagnosis first broke, Omar released a statement slamming his refusal to acknowledge the danger of the pandemic until it happened to him.

"As someone who lost my own father to this virus and seen the pain it causes, I do not wish it on anyone," Omar said.

"For months, we have been hoping for a simple acknowledgement from the President – to hear the words, 'We will get through this together.'

"And now we only hear those words when it is about him – not the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their lives, and the millions whose families have been touched by it because of his malfeasance," she continued.

She also slammed Trump for "flouting the guidance of his own health agencies" by holding campaign events and refusing to wear a mask in states that are seeing upticks in cases.

She slammed Republican members of Congress who traveled on Air Force One with Trump, and did not quarantine but went to work on Capitol Hill.

"The President of the United States and Republicans in Minnesota are actively spreading a deadly virus," Omar said.

"They are a risk to the public health of my constituents and our country."

The state of the president's health has been the cause of much confusion over the weekend, with doctors saying he’s doing well, but the White House chief of staff saying his vitals are "very concerning and the next 48 hours is critical."

Trump posted a video to his Twitter account Saturday night where he claimed he was "feeling much better," but noted the "next few days will be the real test."

He was reportedly given given the experimental drug Remdesivir, and is expected to spend at least a few days in the hospital.

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