I’m 47 & my boyfriend, 31, calls me MUM during sex but I secretly love it

A WOMAN who is dating a younger man has revealed the awkward moment that he called her MUM during sex – despite admitting that she now loves it.

The anonymous blogger, who claims to be 47-years-old, was stunned when her 31-year-old partner first made the slip of tongue in bed.

Posting on Raw Confessions, she first admitted to feeling “embarrassed” as the pair halted their romp to confront the issue.  

“He admitted to having a mom kink and that's why he's attracted to older women,” she said.

“Indeed, the other day I showed him a picture of me from 2001, he was like ''hmm.. very beautiful, almost like a doll.

“But I prefer your mature version. I'm not attracted to young women, no matter how pretty.''


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Despite her initial concerns, the woman, who is a mother herself, said she was willing to give it go as she wanted to continue dating the younger man.

“I was like ''okay, call me mom again during sex, maybe I'll like it,” she recalled.  

“He even said ''the fact that you're a real mom and that your son is almost my age makes it hotter.''

As time has worn on, the mother admitted that she has now “got used” to the idea, having accepting her partners unusual fetish.

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However, she has drawn the line at ever telling her friends what she gets up to in the bedroom, adding: “I never thought I'd engage in something so weird in my life. “

The revelation comes after one daughter revealed that she has started having lesbian threesomes with her mum as she admitted that she enjoyed sharing her with other women.

Revealing her new life online, she said: "My mum and I live together and sometimes I had sex with my friend at our apartment while my mum was home.

"After a few drinks my mum joined us a few months ago.

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"We have never had sex with each other nor do we want to although we have caressed and touched each other during sex."

She labelled the bizarre romps as a "unique experience".

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