I'm a psychology professor – here's how to spot psychopaths like Ted Bundy & Charles Manson & the traits might shock you

IT is feared by some researchers that as many as one in every 100 people is a psychopath.

So do you think you could spot the psychopath hiding in plain sight?

Even after decades of debate, experts in the mental health field still struggle to say exactly what defines a psychopath.

Known killers like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson are easy figures to point to when it comes to this disorder, and Texas A&M University Professor of Psychology John Edens knows why: their boldness.

"Boldness is critical to separating out psychopaths from the more mundane law-breakers," said Edens in a 2019 article.

"It’s the trait that creates the veneer of normalcy, giving those who prey on others the mask to successfully blend in with the rest of society. To lack boldness, on the other hand, is to be what one might call a “shy-chopath.”

Traits like meanness, superficial charm, narcissism, and lack of empathy can also give a psychopath away.

Some researchers argue that meanness and impulsivity can define the diagnosis.

According to Edens, however, boldness is the key to whether or not psychopaths are capable of actual harm.

"Someone who is simply disinhibited and mean – but not bold – would not be able to pull off the spectacular level of manipulation that a psychopath is capable of," said Edens.

Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was responsible for killing more than 30 young women.

As a renowned psychopath, his charming behavior exemplifies the boldness Edens suggests.

Bundy was so fearless and confident that he not only represented himself in court, but even proposed to his girlfriend while he was under trial — and she said yes.

In 1969, twisted cult leader Charles Manson inspired his followers to murder seven people, including actress and model Sharon Tate.

Even though he directed his young followers to commit the terrible acts, Manson never showed any remorse for his psychopathic actions, saying, "I never told anybody to do anything other than what they wanted to do."

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Even through speculation, there are still unanswered questions about the nature of psychopaths. Scientists removed and studied Ted Bundy's brain after his death.

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