Inside the ‘supersonic’ jet that could fly from NYC to London in 90 minutes

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The makers of a new supersonic jet that could someday fly between New York and London in 90 minutes have revealed the plane’s luxe interior.

Spike Aerospace’s S-512 Supersonic Jet won’t have windows in order to increase fuel efficiency and keep the cabin quiet, according to the Telegraph.

Instead, the inside walls will be lined with an extra-long computer screen that can split up into individual TVs.

The S-512 is Spike’s contribution to the burgeoning supersonic jet market, which is reemerging after almost two decades since the demise of the Concorde jet. The Concorde could make the cross-Atlantic trip in three hours.

Unlike the Concorde, which carried up to 100 people, the S-512 will have a maximum capacity of 18 flyers, the Telegraph said. The new jet is also slower, but can travel over land because it produces a lighter sonic boom than its precursor, its designer said.

“The Concorde was ridiculously noisy,” Spike CEO Vik Kachoria told the Telegraph.

“Most conversations between two people are between 65 and 75 decibels and the noise level found within most plane cabins is around 85 decibels. Our windowless aircraft will be about 60 decibels, so lower than the sound of a conversation.”

The jet’s seats will also be convertible — so the cabin can transform into a boardroom, bedroom or dining room.

The Concorde traveled at Mach 2.04, or twice the speed of sound. Spike’s new jet will start out at March 1.6, twice as fast as any jet on the market, the Telegraph said.

The company hopes to reach Mach 3.2 sometime in the next decade, which would enable flights between London and New York in under 90 minutes.

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