Insulate Britain protester charged with blocking roads enjoyed gas-guzzling 81,000-mile global trip in 18-year-old 4×4

AN ECO mob protester charged with blocking busy roads enjoyed a gas-guzzling 81,000-mile global trip in an 18-year-old 4×4.

Shamed Emma Smart, 44, drove with her partner Andy across 50 countries in 858 days in the diesel-fuelled Toyota.

Smart, a biologist, quit her job for the jaunt and boasted at the time: “We’ve saved and raised £20,000 to cover fuel costs.” 

But she is now under fire for her part in the crippling Insulate Britain protests, which have caused misery for motorists on the M25.

Critics have called her a “hypocrite” for bringing Britain’s busiest road to a standstill despite her 2012 world tour in a clapped out motor.

One picture during recent protests shows Emma sitting cross-legged in the middle of a busy road holding a sign that read: “I’m terrified my nieces will face violence and starvation because of the climate crisis.” 

And in May, Smart was charged with obstructing traffic in her home town of Weymouth, Dorset, as part of another climate protest.

After hearing of her polluting globe-trot, one furious motorist last night said: “Emma Smart who felt ‘compelled’ to stop traffic on the M25 this morning — hypocrisy at its very finest. 81k miles the trip.” Another blasted: “And so another fruitcake is outed as a hypocrite.

“Emma (not so) Smart, pleading for us to reduce our carbon footprint, a few years after driving 81k miles around the world in a diesel on a two-year jaunt.

“If you look hard enough, hypocrisy is everywhere.” 

Smart last night said: “The research I carried out before the trip in 2012 concluded we would produce 62 per cent less CO2 per day adventuring compared with our situation living in a shared house of four people in the UK.

“For the last two years, I have dedicated my life voluntarily to helping people in this country and around the world get out of this crisis we are all in together. With Insulate Britain, I have again found hope.” Smart is not the first eco-bore to be outed for hypocrisy.

The Sun revealed that Insulate Britain leader Liam Norton, 36, had failed to insulate his home in South London. He later admitted: “I am a hypocrite.”

We also told this week how one protester removed by police from the roof of a train was the wife of a Transport for London boss.

Cathy Eastburn, 54, had been arrested several times for blocking the M25 and is reportedly one of the most prolific climate activists.

Yet her husband Benedict Plowden was a £170,000-a-year transport boss responsible for roads and trains in London. He quit after the revelations.

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