ISIS terror trucker Anis Amri was mentioned in SIXTY different police and intelligence reports before Berlin Christmas market massacre

GERMAN lawmakers have learned that Berlin Christmas market truck killer Anis Amri was mentioned in 60 separate police and intelligence reports as a “dangerous person” before he launched his sickening massacre.

In an 18-page report submitted to a parliamentary committee in Berlin, it was revealed that he first began to plot a terror attack a full year before the December 19 2016 outrage.

On that day the 24-year-old bogus refugee, who may have been high on drugs, drove a hijacked lorry into Christmas market revellers in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

He fled to Italy where he was shot dead on December 23 by armed police.

The report, which aims to close gaps in the German security structure in the wake of the mass immigration of over a million migrants into the country, showed that between 27 October 2015 and 14 December 2016 Amri was mentioned, quizzed, tailed or reported on 60 times.

One of the reports from Kleve in western Germany, where Tunisian-born Islamic State butcher Amri attended a radical mosque, identified one of his 14 aliases as Mohamed Hassa.

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The killer's body after he was gunned down in ItalyCredit: Reuters

He came on to the police radar there after a refugee home roommate reported him for having suspicious images” on his mobile phone.

The report traces the efforts of police to obtain information about the true identity of Amri, identified in February last year as a “dangerous person” suspected of planning terrorism. MPs are seeking to understand how surveillance on him came to be lifted four months before his attack.

The report said he initially he had maintained an "Islamist mindset", then sunk into petty crime and drug dealing to support himself.

The legislators were told in the report that he came a regular drug consumer himself and may have been high on cocaine and ecstasy when he steered the HGV into the yuletide crowd.

It also said that he took care over time to appear less interested in radical jihadism. One police report noted: “In mid-September he dropped attending morning prayers and the ritual slaughter of animals for important feasts.”

Surveillance, however, was dropped soon afterwards.

The report by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) covers in detail police work, but no analysis of possible failures. It will be up to legislators to decide what went wrong and why.

Amri was due to be kicked out of Germany after his asylum application was rejected on the grounds that he posed a threat to security but he had no passport; one finally arrived from Tunisia the day after the market killings.

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