Italy’s coronavirus ‘patient one’, 38, finally taken off life support 18 DAYS after marathon runner was struck down – The Sun

ITALY'S coronavirus 'patient one' has been taken off life support 18 days after being diagnosed with the disease and can now breathe by himself, it was reported.

Mattia, 38, has been moved from intensive to sub intensive care at a hospital in Pavia, Lombardy region's Welfare Councillor Giulio Gallera said.

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The patient's eight months pregnant wife Valentina, who also tested positive for coronavirus and was admitted to Sacco hospital in Milan, is now at home.

Both the mum-to-be and her daughter are doing well, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports.

Italy has the highest number of Covid-19 cases outside of China at 9,172, with its death toll standing at 463.

The whole country is currently in lockdown, with people being asked to stay at home and only move from a place to another if strictly necessary, as the government tries to battle the outbreak of the virus.

Mattia, a marathon runner and footballer,  who has only been identified by his first name, was admitted to a hospital in Codogno – the epicentre of Italy's coronavirus outbreak – with pneumonia on February 19.

The Unilever manager spent a day and a half in the medical unit, with family and friends visiting him, before testing positive for Covid-19 in the evening of February 20.

He was then moved to the intensive care unit of the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia, where more than 30 doctors and nurses have worked day and night for the past 18 days to ensure his recovery.

Mattia, whose condition has significantly improved, will now be kept in the sub intensive care unit at the hospital in Pavia.

Annalisa Malara, a doctor from Cremona, who diagnosed the 'patient one' with coronavirus at Codogno's hospital, said: "When a patient doesn't respond to normal treatment, I was taught at university not to ignore the worst case scenario.

"Mattia had mild pneumonia, but was resistant to any known therapy.

"I thought that, to help him, I had to look for something impossible."

Italian doctors are now being forced to make "life-or-death" decisions to decide who can get a place at hospitals amid the coronavirus outbreak, with medics told to consider a patient's age and their chance of survival.


Dr Christian Salaroli told the Brussels Times: "If a person between 80 and 95 years old has severe respiratory failure, it’s likely we will not go ahead.

"If they have multi-organ failure, with more than two or three vital organs, it means that their mortality rate is 100 per cent."

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte yesterday night ordered people in Italy to stay at home and seek permission to travel, effectively placing more than 60 million people under lockdown.

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