Jeremy Bamber’s dad brands White House Farm killer ‘abusive’ in old interview

Jeremy Bamber's biological dad said he wanted nothing to do with his "horrible son" who "abused lovely people who gave him the best start in life".

In a damning interview from 2004, Major Leslie Marsham dashed the hopes of his convicted killer son by angrily dismissing any chance of a reunion with him or his natural mum Juliet.

Bamber was jailed for life in October 1985 for massacring five members of his adoptive family at their home in Essex.

The killer has always denied the slayings but a jury convicted him after prosecutors claimed he carried out the murders to secure a £500,000 inheritance.

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Jeremy Bamber and the murders at White House Farm are the subject of a six-part ITV drama which airs tomorrow (Wednesday).

Little was known about Bamber's biological family until 2004 when Mr Marsham spoke out in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

Mr Marsham, who is a former servant for the Queen at Buckingham Palace said there wasn't any chance of a reunion because he "abused" his adoptive parents.

He said: "It was traumatic when we had to hand him over. He went to lovely people, who looked after him and gave him the best start in life."

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Retired Mr Marsham also dismissed any idea his son may be innocent as "most murderers complain to the bitter end".

He said: "He abused them. He's a murderer. It's well proven. He's as guilty as hell.

"Most murderers complain to the bitter end they never did it.

"We had no part in his upbringing whatsoever.

"I don't know and don't wish to know whether he is our child or not. He has ruined our lives. He is a horrible man."

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The Daily Mirror also spoke to Bamber in 2004 from his cell at Whitemoor and discussed his relationship with his parents.

He said: "I'd like their support, what son wouldn't?

"I am sure my life would have been very different if I hadn't been adopted.

"I would like to be acknowledged by my genetic parents."

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It is believed Bamber was born during an affair between Mr Marsham and his then lover Juliet Wheel in 1961.

The couple eventually married put Jeremy up for adoption after his birth because of the stigma attached to having an illegitimate child at the time.

RAF pilot Neville Bamber and his wife June then took him under their wing after they found out they couldn't have children.

Bamber was just 25 at the time he was locked up for the murders and at first police believed his schizophrenic sister Sheila killed the family before turning the gun on herself.

As the weeks progressed, police became suspicious of Bamber and he became the prime suspect in the case.

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