Jeremy Corbyn’s allies ‘intervened in anti-Semitism probes’

Jeremy Corbyn’s allies ‘intervened in anti-Semitism probes as a matter of routine and demanded leniency’, whistleblowers claim

  • A Labour whistleblower compared investigating claims to stepping on rail track  
  • Members of Corbyn’s inner circle, including Seamus Milne, ‘intervened in cases’ 
  • Labour spokesman said the claims were unfounded and there was no evidence 

Jeremy Corbyn’s senior allies routinely intervened in anti-Semitism cases, a Labour whistleblower has claimed.

The Labour official compared investigating anti-Semitism complaints involving those who knew Corbyn to ‘stepping on an electric rail’, as leaked emails revealed in some cases, advisers suggested that members were not suspended.

Some cases angered the leader’s office, who called for those involved not to be punished too severely, the whistleblower claimed.

Investigating anti-Semitism claims regarding friends of Corbyn was compared to stepping on an ‘electric rail’, according to a whistleblower

They added that senior aides were routinely copied into emails about potentially sensitive cases, The Daily Telegraph revealed.

Yesterday, it was revealed in a leaked email from an official about anti-Semitism case was sent to Labour’s director of communications, Seamus Milne, Karie Murphy, party’s former chief of staff and Andrew Murray, a Corbyn aide. 

The whistleblower said that for a period of time: ‘Cases were routinely discussed by the leader’s office.

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‘It was like stepping on an electricifed rail whenever we suspended someone known to Jeremy Corbyn. Loto [the leader’s office] engaged in disciplinary cases as a matter of routine.’

A Labour spokesman said: ‘These are malicious lies from a disgruntled former employee. A request was made to individuals in the leader’s office for help in clearing a backlog of cases, which was complied with in good faith.

‘No evidence has been provided to back up these claims.

‘Since becoming general secretary, Jennie Formby has made procedures for dealing with complaints about anti-Semitism more robust. Staff who work on disciplinary matters have always led on investigations and recommendations on individual cases. 

Dame Margaret Hodge, a vocal Corbyn critic and Jewish Labour MP, has criticised the leader’s office for their role in anti-Semitism allegations involving party members

‘Any suggestion staff in the leader’s office overturned decisions on individual cases is untrue.’ 

Dame Margaret Hodge, a Jewish Labour MP, accused Corbyn’s most trusted aides of interfering in anti-Semitism cases to reduce sanctions imposed on perpetrators.

She tweeted: ‘Last week Corbyn reassured me categorically that his office never intervened in antisemitism complaints. @ObserverUK whistleblower account clearly shows Corbyn’s office have intervened. Either Corbyn has intentionally misled me or his staff have misled him. Full letter below.’

Laura Murray, a Corbyn ally, was found in leaked emails to have instructed Labour’s ‘head of disputes’ not to suspend a party member who defended an anti-Semitic mural.

She claimed the member should not be suspended because they themselves had not ‘displayed any anti-Semitic attitudes herself’. 

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