Jerry Falwell Jr's wife Becki smashed door to find him drunk covered in blood amid pool boy sex scandal, 911 call says

JERRY Falwell Jr's wife smashed a door to find him drunk and covered in blood amid claims his wife had an affair with a pool boy.

A 911 call and dispatcher notes from the early hours of August 31 have revealed Falwell, 58, was allegedly intoxicated and injured after falling down a flight of stairs and hitting into a garbage can, according to reports.

Falwell's wife, Becki, discovered her husband inside their Bedford County, Virginia, home losing "a lot of blood," 911 audio, which was obtained by Huffington Post, disclosed.

The incident took place approximately one week after Falwell quit as boss of an evangelical college.

He decided to step down as chancellor of Liberty University despite previously denying he had resigned.

Becki explained in the 911 call how she was at a church at approximately 11pm when Falwell called for help, Huff Post reported.

But when she arrived, the house was locked – prompting her to use a chair to break through a door.

When the dispatcher asked Becki if her husband was drinking alcohol, she responded: "Yes."

However, she reportedly refused to respond to the question on whether or not he was drinking "heavily."

She then said: "The more I tell you the name, the more you’re going to understand why we’re not talking to you right now."

Dispatch records noted: "He won’t let her take him to the hospital as he is stubborn. Caller was not forthcoming.”

However, when EMS workers arrived on scene, Falwell was spotted with gashes on his face.

He also reportedly had "slurred and slowed speech," an officer said.

"Empty alcohol containers" were discovered on scene by first responders.

The incident came after Liberty University asked Falwell to take a leave of absence after he posted a photo of himself with his wife's assistant with their pants unzipped earlier this month.

This comes after Giancarlo Granda, 29, claimed he had sex with Falwell's wife Becki, 55, while the famous Christian watched in the corner of the room.

Granda claims he engaged in a years-long sexual relationship with Mrs Falwell after they met at a Miami hotel when he was 20.

The 29-year-old claims the sexual encounters occurred "multiple times per year" in hotels in Florida and New York as well as in Falwell's home in Virginia.

Granda backed his claims with emails, text messages and other evidence.

In audio released a few weeks ago, Becki appeared upset that Granda had moved on from their relationship having told her of his romantic encounters with other women.

Becki said she spent a day crying over Granda.

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