Joe Biden being ‘laughed at’ by China and Xi jinping as UN speech sparks backlash

China doesn’t take Biden seriously says US senator

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Republican US Senator Tom Cotton argued that Joe Biden was being laughed at across the world but most notably by China. While speaking to Fox News, Mr Cotton argued President Biden had not been tough enough on China and failed to mention the nation by name once. Mr Cotton made the comparison that Barack Obama, in 2014, mentioned Russia over ten times in his UN speech.

Mr Cotton said: “I think a lot of the world sees Joe Biden and just laughs at the statements he made.

“You just played a clip there where he said we don’t seek another cold war.

“Well, of course we don’t seek another cold war, we would rather have peace with all nations.

“But when China is waging a cold war against the US we don’t have a choice whether we are in it or not, we only have a choice to win or lose.

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“Beyond that, President Biden didn’t even mention China’s name, it is like he was scared to mention their name.

“I know the Whitehouse is doing damage control today and is saying that was by design but let me give you a contrast.”

The Senator then praised former President Barack Obama for mentioning Russia by name in one of his speeches.

Mr Cotton continued: “In 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea, Barack Obama, who is no one’s idea of a chest-beating American nationalist used Russia’s name more than ten times in his United Nations speech.

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“I think Xi Jinping and China’s communist leaders in Beijing are laughing at Joe Biden.

“That is a dangerous thing, for China not to take the US President seriously.”

President Biden also faced criticism for failing to address the newly formed AUKUS deal with UK and Australia during his speech.

European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen insisted the US needed to explain how the AUKUS deal occurred and why the EU was not informed.

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The deal between the US, Australia, and UK saw Australia subsequently pull out of a billion Euro agreement it had with France to buy submarines.

President Biden has since spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron and has discussed the deal. 

However, it remains unclear whether President Biden made any apology to the French President. 

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