Joe Biden gets name and title of his top health chief nominee wrong in new DOUBLE gaffe

GAFFE-PRONE Joe Biden appeared to have become confused about the name and the title of one of the members of his coronavirus team.

The 77-year-old President-elect mispronounced Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra's name before saying he planned to appoint him to the role of "Secretary of Health and Education Services". 

Bungling Biden botched the announcement at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, as he read a teleprompter. 

Mispronouncing both his surname and the health department's title, the next US president said: "For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria.

"You know, Xavier Becerra… excuse me."

Republicans were quick to mock the slip-up on social media. 

Republican National Committee (RNC) member, Steve Guest, wrote: "Joe Biden defeated AGAIN by the Teleprompter. 

"For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria’, Joe Biden is a mess. It's Health and Human Services."

Deputy Director of Communications for Rapid Response for President Trump’s 2020 campaign, Matt Wolking, said: "My god… it’s like he’s hearing about his pick for the first time."  

Biden — a self-described "gaffe machine" — made a number of blunders during the presidential campaign trail. 

In a particularly toe-curling moment back in October, he told car plant workers he was running "for the Senate" — not the President of the United States.

Not long after he mispronounced the first name of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

On election day during his final pit stop on his presidential campaign, he introduced his granddaughter Finnegan as his late son Beau Biden.

He then called her by her cousin Natalie's name, before finally correctly introducing Natalie as Beau's daughter.

He also appeared to forget who was running against when he said he was out to stop "four more years of George" last month.

Sleepy Joe’s Top Ten Gaffes

JOE Biden has previously called himself a “gaffe machine

  1. MITT WHO? – Biden was attempting to tell a story about questioning someone's faith, trying to use the example of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at an event in Ohio on October 12. 

    He stumbled along saying "I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon, the governor, OK? And I took him on". 

  2. JOE 3030 – Joe Biden encouraged Democrats to vote for him as their presidential nominee as he spelt out his website as "Joe-3-0-3-3-0".

    Both website addresses and were then picked up by rival candidate Pete Buttigieg.

  3. RUNNING FOR SENATE – On two occasions Biden appears to have said he was "running for Senate" rather than running for President in 2020. 

    At an event in Ohio, he said: "You know, we have to come together. That's why I'm running. I'm running as a proud Democrat for the Senate."

  4. VOTER FRAUD – Biden gave Trump ammo when he claimed he had assembled the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” in US history in an interview with Crooked Media.

    “What a terrible thing for Biden to say! Rigged Election?” Trump tweeted. 

  5. WHITE KIDS – While campaigning for the nomination, Biden made a big flub when he said "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids".

    Biden later acknowledged his gaffe, but said "I I don’t think anybody thinks that I meant anything other than what I said I meant". 

  6. 200MILLION DEAD – Biden accidentally inflated the coronavirus death toll by a factor of 1,000 when he mistakenly said 200million have died rather than 200,000.

    The embarrassing botch-up came during a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and would have meant two thirds of all Americans had been killed by Covid-19.

  7. LUHAN – Speaking about the coronavirus before winning the nomination also proved difficult as he called the place where the virus originated "Luhan Province" during an interview on MSNBC.

    In the same interview he also gone the date wrong on a story that he had written for USA Today – saying it was January 17 when it was January 27.

  8. COVID-9 – In another coronavirus blunder, Biden referred to the killer disease as "Covid-9" rather than "Covid-19". 

    His faux pas was made during a virtual town hall with frontline workers, and aired on his own campaign's Facebook page.

  9. PUNCHING IT – When speaking about domestic violence, Biden oddly insisted that the US needs to "keep punching at it and punching at it" during the Democrat debate last November.

    And to make things worse, he was all the while making striking motions with his fist.

  10. POOR BOYS – Biden suffered a verbal slip during the second presidential debate when botched the name of far-right group Proud Boys, instead calling the "Poor Boys".

    The VP's attacks of Trump came after the President in the first debate appeared to tell them to "stand back and stand by" – before later disavowing his own comments, telling them to "stand down". 

During the most important speech of his life as he announced victory over Donald Trump, he raised eyebrows when he said "230million thousand" Americans had died of coronavirus. 

At the time the death toll was more than 230,000. But Biden, who is the oldest ever President, has acknowledged his history of slip-ups throughout his five decades in politics.

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