Johnny Depp downed 'mega-pints' of wine for breakfast, spent £30k-a-MONTH on booze and took every drug under sun by 14'

THE wild life of superstar Johnny Depp was laid bare in sensational detail today – including"mega pints" of wine for breakfast and a £30,000 monthly booze bill.

Depp, 57, revealed his chaotic Tinsel Town lifestyle today at the High Court today in a string of shocking admissions.

The Rum Diaries star today admitted he first took drugs aged just 11 – and had tried every substance "known to man" just three years later.

He also confessed he spent £23,834 a month in wine for him and others in another explosive admission.

Depp, who is suing The Sun for referring to him as a “wife beater” in an April 2018 article, agreed he enjoyed red wine "hugely" as he took the stand today at the high-profile trial.

Sasha Wass QC, representing The Sun, referred to an interview where Depp said it was "nonsense" he spent the staggering amount on the tipple.

She asked if this was "because the truth is it was considerably more than that" – causing Depp to reply: "It was".

After splitting with the mother of his children Vanessa Paradis, who he previously branded a "French ex albatross", Depp made a "real effort" to stop boozing, the court was told.

The actor even emailed Sir Elton John to celebrate 100 days sober – and referred to his "brain and liver resembling Mrs Thatcher", it was said.

The email read: "My dearest Elton, 100 f***ing days of clarity for an old reprobate t**t like me.

"No one would ever have believed it possible but for a select few, most importantly you."

Speaking to the singer of the "eternal savagery against myself", Depp continued: "I would have been swallowed up by the monster were it not for you."

Depp admitted during his evidence there has been an "internal fight" inside himself with alcohol and drugs since he was aged around 11.

The actor explained how he began taking drugs "at a very young age, when it was not a particularly stable or secure or safe home life, and there was quite a lot of unpleasantness in the house".

He said: "My mother used to ask me to go and get her 'nerve pills' and I think I was around the age of 11 that it dawned on me that 'nerve pills' were calming her nerves, so I brought her her nerve pills and I took one and that began (my drug use)."

Ms Wass told the court in her case opening how when sober, Depp "was capable of kindness, charm and generosity".

But he "descended into physically destructive behaviour" – causing him to refer to his "drunken and violent persona as 'the monster'."

Footage recorded by Heard was shown to the court of Depp shouting "motherf***er" as he kicks a cabinet.

Heard tells him "we are not even fighting, all I did was say sorry", causing Depp to reply: "Did something happen to you this morning? I don't think so."

The Edward Scissorhands star then continues: "You wanna see crazy? I'll give you f***ing crazy".

Depp was asked whether he was drunk at the time of the video and referred to a "mega pint of red wine" he appeared to pour during the clip.

Ms Wass said: "[It's] not everybody's choice for breakfast".

But the star said he believed it was left over from the night before and denied he had taken cocaine because it's a "physical impossibility" he would always be "high or inebriated".

Depp has been accused of "turning his rage and frustration" on the actress when he "failed to control" his drug and alcohol abuse.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star denies hitting any woman and has turned the tables on Heard today insisting the claims were "complete lies".

He also claimed the so-called "monster" was an idea Heard became "obsessed with" when their rows escalated.

Depp told the court Heard severed his finger during a trip to Australia in 2015 by throwing a vodka bottle at him and accused her of repeatedly punching him in the face.

His defence team today released a picture of the injured finger that was shown to the court.

Explosive recordings of Heard telling Depp "I didn't f***ing deck you" and "grow the f*** up"were played to the court in one heated exchange.

Depp told the court in evidence that accusations he subjected Heard to "torture and other abuse" were "sick" and "completely untrue".

He said Heard had an "obsessive need" to control him and claimed they often had "rage-filled violent incidents on planes".

Depp referred to one incident in 2014 or early 2015 when Heard became "verbally aggressive".

He said she called him a "pussy" and "spineless" for "running away" from fights with her and claimed she punched him "repeatedly" in the face.

The ongoing trial was due to start in March but had to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was almost thrown out last week after Mr Justice Nicol ruled the star breached a court order by failing to reveal potential evidence —  text messages relating to his alleged drug use.

Depp has brought separate libel proceedings against Heard in the US.

The couple married in LA in 2015 after meeting on the set of comedy The Rum Diary.

But they divorced two years later after Heard, who donated her £5.5million settlement to charity, accused Depp of abuse.

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