Justin Trudeau hurls abuse at heckler who called his wife 'a wh*re'

The moment Justin Trudeau hurls abuse at heckler who called his wife ‘a wh*re’ and tells him: ‘Isn’t there a hospital you should be going to bother?’ as he slumps in Canadian election polls

  • Trudeau was preparing for an outdoor photo-op when heckler hurled abuse
  • Man threatened to fight the Prime Minister, before branding his wife a ‘wh*re’ 
  • Trudeau yelled back: ‘Don’t you have a hospital you should be going to bother?’
  • Comes as polls show he is neck-and-neck with Conservative election challenger

Justin Trudeau has lashed out at a heckler who called his wife a ‘wh*re’ during an election photo-op in Canada today.

The Liberal Prime Minister was getting ready for an open-air sit-down with journalists when a man began hurling abuse – repeatedly swearing and threatening to fight him.

Trudeau mostly stood passive, but after his wife was mentioned he lost his cool and shouted back: ‘Isn’t there a hospital you should be going to bother right now?’

The 49-year-old, who called a snap election last month in the hopes of securing a third term in office, has been dogged by protesters who have hurled abuse and anti-vaccine slogans and him and his supporters on the campaign trail.

Just two weeks ago Trudeau had vowed to ignore them and ‘meet anger with compassion’, but lashed out amid polls that show he is neck and neck with Conservative challenger Erin O’Toole – 32 per cent to 31 per cent. 

Justin Trudeau was heckled on the campaign trail by a protester who called his wife a ‘wh*re’, prompting him to shout back: ‘Isn’t there a hospital you should be going to bother?’

Mr Trudeau had been attempting to sit down for an interview with journalists at the time he was heckled, but had to move inside after the man continued to hurl abuse

The latest heckling took place outside the offices of the Global News network in Burnaby, British Columbia, as Trudeau was sitting down for a chat with journalists.

A man wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans began hurling abuse at the Prime Minister, telling him: ‘ Come on, I’m right here. F***. You f***ing chicken s***.’

At another point, he jibed: ‘Where’s your wife? I’ve heard she’s a wh*re.’

Mr Trudeau then shot back, before the protester added: ‘You need a third dose as well, let’s go do it together.’

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has accompanied her husband during several campaign stops, but was not present on Tuesday when the abuse took place. 

Trudeau and the reporters eventually decided to move their interview inside after consulting with police, CBC reported.

Trudeau, who failed to win a majority at the 2019 election but held on to his job as head of a coalition government, called for a snap election in August this year with voting due to take place on September 20.

With polls showing him on a five-point lead, Mr Trudeau had been hoping to win a majority based on his handling of the Covid pandemic.

But instead he has been met at multiple campaign stops by angry anti-vax protesters and conspiracy theorists branding the virus a ‘hoax’. 

Moderate voters have also been angered that he called an election during a pandemic, and as medics were warning that a fourth wave of infections is underway. 

His support has since plunged, with voters now putting him neck-and-neck with relatively-unknown conservative leader O’Toole.

The abuse has been so severe that one of Mr Trudeau’s rallies even had to be cancelled because police were unable to guarantee the safety of his supporters.

Mr Trudeau had been due to appear on stage in Ontario on August 27 but the rally was crashed by a crowd waving ‘F*** Trudeau’ banners and chanting obscenities.

After a two-hour delay, it was announced that he would not be appearing on stage.

At another rally, he was pelted with gravel by yet more anti-vax demonstrators. 

Mr Trudeau has been dogged by angry protesters on the campaign trail, who last week through gravel at him and have forced him to cancel a rally 

Protest crowds have been partly made up of anti-vaxxers angry at laws that will make jab mandatory for government workers, alongside conspiracy theorists

He later addressed the outpouring of anger – saying it is the worst he has seen on the campaign trail, while vowing to ‘meet that anger with compassion.’

Protesters have largely hit out at laws Trudeau has passed requiring federal workers to get vaccinated against Covid, along with transport workers and travellers.

He has also proposed laws that would make it a crime for protesters to block access to medical facilities, amid a wave of Covid demonstrations outside hospitals.

Insiders blame what they call an initially low-energy campaign and the inevitable political baggage that Trudeau has accumulated since he took office six years ago promising ‘sunny ways.’

‘I wish he hadn’t called it,’ a Liberal insider said of Trudeau’s decision to seek an election two years before the end of his term.

Trudeau says he needs a new mandate to ensure Canadians approve of his plan for getting the country past the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Liberals, whose fiscal policy for the pandemic already exceed 23 per cent of GDP, plan billions in new spending to support economic recovery if re-elected.

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