Karen Matthews living in same building as ‘Chucky’ killer best pal Bernadette McNeilly – The Sun

KAREN Matthews is living in the building as her convicted killer best pal – as locals call the place 'Monster Mansion'.

Matthews – dubbed Britain's worst mum – lives in the same block as Bernadette McNeilly, who spent 21 years in prison for the sadistic murder of 16-year-old Suzanne Capper.

Matthews moved in paedo fiancé Paul Saunders earlier this month and cops had to be called to the pad just days ago following a blazing row.

A source said of Matthews and McNeilly – who live in the south of England: “Everyone nearby is well aware of what both women were sent to prison for.

“Mums with kids cross over the road when they have to walk past the place because they know a pair of real wrong 'uns live there.

“The house is known as Monster Mansion due to Matthews and McNeilly residing there."


Matthews is still engaged to handyman Saunders despite being told of his wicked child sex abuse past.

And he is a regular visitor to the address – staying with Matthews for about half of the week.

Cops were called to the home after receiving reports of a disturbance at the property.

Officers spoke to both Matthews, 44, and her lover Paul Saunders, 57, but made no arrests before leaving.

The sick couple are said to have had a series of nasty rows recently, with Matthews threatening to call the cops.

A source said: “Matthews and Saunders had just come in not so long ago from shopping with loads of bags when police knocked on her door.

“The cops asked a few neighbours if they’ve heard any shouting or noises but then were quickly on their way.

“They have had reports of some kind of disturbance.”

McNeilly and Matthews became friends when they were banged up together at Foston Hall prison in Derbyshire and kept in touch when Matthews was freed from her eight-year sentence in 2012.

Murderer McNeilly, 51, was freed in 2015 after 21 years behind bars for subjecting 16-year-old Suzanne Capper to a shocking ordeal in one of Britain's most sadistic murders.

She stayed in touch with Matthews and moved to the same area when she was freed.

Matthews fell for 57-year-old Saunders – jailed for abusing a teenage girl – when he came to carry out work at her property.

He proposed over Christmas. She initially dumped him over his past but has now taken him back.

She was freed after serving just half her sentence for kidnapping Shannon in a bid to grab £50,000 in reward cash.

Wicked Matthews allowed police and the community in Dewsbury to search for Shannon, nine, for 24 days in 2008 when all the time she was being held in a flat owned by the uncle of her then lover.

She now lives almost 200 miles from the West Yorkshire town and under the terms of her release she is not allowed to set foot in the district but speaks to several friends regularly on the phone and via social media.

McNeilly’s crimes were some of the most sadistic ever investigated by cops.

Victim Suzanne was stripped, plunged into a bath of disinfectant and forced to listen to recordings of McNeilly imitating Chucky, the demonic doll from horror film Child's Play.

Mum-of-three McNeilly and her drug-crazed gang beat their helpless victim, shackled her to a bed, injected her with drugs and pulled out her front teeth with pliers at a house in Moston, Manchester in December 1992.

Suzanne was dumped in a wood, doused in petrol and set alight.

While behind bars at HMP Durham, McNeilly is said to have enjoyed a romance with Moors murderer Myra Hindley.

She was also "good friends" with Gloucester House of Horrors monster Rose West.

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