Kids around Britain left heartbroken after receiving only half of a trampoline ordered from Sports Direct – The Sun

CHILDREN around Britain have been left heartbroken after receiving only HALF of the trampoline they ordered online.

Hundreds of customers across the UK were disappointed after only part of their trampoline order arrived – and are unable to get in touch with customer services.

Ryan Hayward, 36, got a parcel with just a metal frame and some springs from Sports Direct on Saturday and said there seems to be no sign of the rest coming any time soon.

He told The Sun: “My four-year-old daughter Hallie had saved up her own money and asked if she could have a trampoline, and I agreed as I thought it’d be a great thing to occupy her during lockdown.

“The trampoline is meant to come in two boxes, and I’ve only received one. I have poles and some springs – not even the mat bit that you bounce on”.

Ryan, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, hopped straight onto social media and found he wasn’t the only one in this position.

He added: “I saw so many other people complaining that this had happened to them. Some people seem to have got the same as me, and other people have only got the mat and the safety net. It’s such a ridiculous mess.”

The field sales rep has tried to contact Sports Direct customer services, but is getting nowhere.

He continued: “They don't have a phone number so you have to email them, but no one is replying so I feel a bit helpless.

"Hallie is so disappointed and keeps asking me where the rest of it is.

"You have to laugh about it, it’s such a ridiculous situation. They’re sold out everywhere so its not like I can just buy her another one in the meantime. I feel even worse because she’d saved her own little bits of money to pay £125 for it.”

Within moments of looking on social media and TrustPilot, The Sun saw hundreds of comments from outraged parents asking where the other half of their trampoline was.

Kara Gorman said: “We ordered a 8ft trampoline with enclosure and haven’t received all the parts. We currently have a net, some poles and springs…. and cannot get any response to complain!”

And Mairead O’Hare slammed Sports Direct as “the worst company to deal with”, adding that they were ignoring her emails.

She said: “I ordered an 8ft Donnay trampoline. I received a trampoline box of spare parts after waiting 2 weeks for it. Full cost was taken from my bank account and now the trampoline is no longer on the sports direct website. I have a box of useless parts and I’m £123.99 down.”

Last night Sports Direct did not respond to requests for a comment.

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