Kids' team sports set to be allowed to return when lockdown ends in boost for grassroots games

KIDS' team sports are set to be allowed to return when lockdown ends in a boost for grassroots games before Christmas.

Restrictions on playing sports could be relaxed as England moves out of the national lockdown in 10 days' time.

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Boris Johnson will convene his Cabinet later today before he formally announces his Covid Winter Plan and the post-lockdown restrictions in Parliament tomorrow.

Kids' grassroots sports were banned on November 5 for the second national lockdown to reduce the number of people from different households mixing.

But, kids were allowed to continue playing sports in schools, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden explained earlier this month.

He said: "Unfortunately we need to pause grassroots sport outside school to reduce the transmission risk from households mixing.

"As soon as we can resume this, we will."

Despite many opposing the blanket ban on outdoor sports, Boris Johnson argued that "unpicking one thing" would threaten the integrity and effectiveness of the "whole package".

It's now understood that ministers are pushing for restrictions on playing grassroots sports games to be relaxed, as a tougher three-tiered system comes into place on December 2.

Allowing crowds at open-air stadiums is also an idea being discussed – but the main problem is getting fans to and from the venue without the risk of infecting people on public transport.

Last night, Boris Johnson was poised to bring in tough new curbs as he finalised his Covid Winter Plan.


England will be told to expect a strengthened set of regional restrictions when the country leaves lockdown, as No 10 fears the virus “could quickly run out of control again”.

Documents will also be published in the next 24 hours with warnings from government advisers that the previous tiers regime was too weak.

A source said: “The going is going to get tough — get ready for tiers on steroids.”

It could mean some areas facing fresh measures such as extra travel bans and curbs on overnight stays.

However, the PM is expected to try to stagger drinkers’ leaving times by extending pub closing to 11pm — although last orders will be at 10pm rather than the strict curfew enforced before lockdown.

And almost all shops could reopen, but bookies and pubs that do not serve food might remain closed in places with the highest infection rates.

Beauty salons, gyms and hairdressers are set to reopen on December 2 in a huge morale boost before Christmas- as the festive period is a busy time for the businesses.

This comes as Brits are set to be blocked from mixing with family and friends until EASTER under the new lockdown tiers.

Under the ramped-up rules, millions of Brits will be banned from mixing with other households indoors under tier 2 or 3.

There will be a brief reprieve for up to five days over Christmas to allow families to celebrate together before they are plunged into the tough restrictions in the new year.

This is to ensure the UK returns to "normal life" by Easter – meaning families face months without being able to see each other.

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