Kim Jong-un CRIES as he boasts North Korea has 'zero' coronavirus cases in rare speech at anniversary parade

KIM Jong-un has started crying as he boasted that North Korea has “zero” coronavirus cases, it was reported.

The tyrant began shedding tears during a rare speech as he took centre stage at a massive military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the country’s ruling party.

The parade began at midnight in Pyongyang with the capital’s residences waving enthusiastically waving flags.

Kim was emotional and crying visibly as he thanked North Korean citizens for “zero” cases of Covid.

He also took what appeared to be a swipe at the Donald Trump and the United States, which has world's highest number of Covid cases.

"I wish good health to all the people around the world who are fighting the ills of the evil virus," he said.

State television began broadcasting edited video of the event later on Saturday after a day of silence about the parade, which was held in Pyongyang's recently renovated Kim Il Sung Square.

The video showed Kim make an appearance as a clock struck midnight.

Dressed in a grey suit and tie, he waved to the crowd and accepted flowers from children while surrounded by military officials wearing rows of medals.

Goose-stepping troops were seen marching in the streets in front of the brightly illuminated square.

A military band performed while moving in formation, shaping 10.10, 1945, and 2020" in honour of the anniversary.

Outside observers were expecting North Korea to possibly unveil the latest weapons in its growing nuclear arsenal that threatens U.S. allies in Asia and the American mainland.

Satellite photos had shown Kim Jong-un's military secretly preparing for the event, and experts believe Pyongyang may offer up a "surprise" for the West.

Pictures show hundreds of vehicles parked up and troops in formation as North Korea prepares for the event which is taking place despite the coronavirus pandemic.

North Korea's current largest missile is the Hwasong-15, which was first successfully tested on November 28, 2017.

It is believed to be able to have the range to reach the entirety of the US.

South Korea and US intelligence warned a missile "larger" than the Hwasong-15 had been spotted being moved near Pyongyang.

"The missile is larger than the one they fired in 2017 and we believe they will showcase that at a military parade on Oct 10," an official said.

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