Kitten rescued after being zipped in shaving kit, thrown in Victoria trash can

Animal control officers in Victoria are looking for a person who zipped a kitten into a shaving bag and tossed it into the trash.

Ian Fraser with Victoria Animal Control Services says the six-to seven-week-old kitten was rescued Tuesday by an alert worker at local mall.

He says the employee was emptying trash cans in the mall’s parking lot and noticed a small bag on the top of one of the cans moved slightly.

The black and white female kitten was taken to the pound and checked by a veterinarian.

Fraser says it’s possible the animal belongs to someone who may not know what has happened to their pet.

He says the kitten will be kept for several days and may be put up for adoption as early as this weekend.

There’s no question the kitten would have died if the shaving bag had not been found and opened, Fraser added.

“We initially examined it and found it to be dehydrated,” Fraser said. “It also had some balance or mobility issues.”

There are reputable agencies that will take pets people don’t want, he said.

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