Labrador gets a shock after owner pours fizzy drink into his bowl

My water bit me! Labrador gets a shock after owner pours fizzy drink into his bowl

  • Chocolate Labrador Bentley was tricked into trying sparkling water for first time 
  • Owners, from Montreal, Quebec, poured some carbonated water into his bowl 
  • As soon as he tasted the water he stepped back in shock and beared his teeth 

A Labrador got quite the shock when he took a sip of water and soon discovered it was carbonated. 

Bentley, a chocolate Lab from Montreal, Quebec, was tricked by his owner as part of the ‘Sparkling Water Challenge’ on TikTok. 

The unsuspecting pup sticks his head in his water bowl but realises it tastes a little different to usual and makes a hilarious face of disgust. 

Bentley, a chocolate Labrador (right) from Montreal, Quebec, was given a shock when his owner poured carbonated water into his bowl (right) instead of his usual still water

His owners shared the comical clip on social media as part of a popular trend which sees owners tricking their pets into taking sips of fizzy water.

In the clip, Bentley’s owner can be seen pouring some of their lemon-flavoured Bubly sparkling water into the dog’s water bowl. 

Hearing something new drop in his bowl, Bentley quickly comes around the corner and laps up the water without hesitation. 

But as soon as he gets a taste of the water he jumps backwards in shock at the unusual taste and bears his teeth, as if he is disgusted with what he has just consumed. 

Clearly still in shock, he stares at the bowl confused and trying to figure out what was different. 

His owner said: ‘I was just sitting around one day, sipping my Bubly sparkling water – when I decided to give some to my Chocolate Lab Bentley. 

After getting a shock from the sparkling water, Bentley sniffed and stared at his water as if he was confused by what had just happened (pictured)

‘He loves to eat and drink everything so I figured, why not give him a sip? Needless to say, his reaction was hilarious.’

The comical video, posted last month, has gained the attention of millions of Tik Tok users, with more than 4.5million likes and thousands of comments.

One person replied: ‘That’s exactly how I look every time I try it and think I might like it this time.’

‘He flinched so hard,’ another said. 

But thankfully the experience was not enough to put Bentley off, with his owners posting another video afterwards showing him lapping up still water with ease. 

According to Rover, dogs can consume a ‘pinch’ of sparkling water but on rare occasions, if guzzled, it can cause a gas build up.

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