Laura Ingraham Slammed For Saying Detention Centers For Migrant Kids Are Like ‘Summer Camps’

Laura Ingraham claims that the centers where migrant kids are forced to stay after being separated for their families are like summer camps or boarding schools, not prisons. Watch her bizarre segment.

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham has responded to the backlash surrounding her calling the detention centers housing migrant children “summer camps,” and has changed to likening them to “boarding school.” She also shared some thoughts about Americans adopting from Central America. Laura adopted her daughter, Maria Caroline, from Guatemala in 2008. “Apparently there are a lot of people very upset because we referred to some of the detention facilities tonight as essentially like summer camps,” she said on The Ingraham Angle. “The San Diego Union Tribune today described the facilities as essentially like what you would expect at a boarding school.

“So I will stick to there are some of them like boarding schools,” she continued. “And I suggest that a lot of the folks who are worried about that spend more time in Central America. I have. And we should make adoption easier for American couples who want to adopt these kids who are true candidates for adoption because our policies don’t allow that. So let’s put our hearts out there for the kids in the right way. Take care of them the right way. Open your hearts and your homes to them.”

ORIGINAL: Fox New pundit Laura Ingraham just joined Ann Coulter in saying hateful, absurd things about the migrant children who’ve been ripped away from their families at the border. Ann turned our stomachs by asserting that the kids crying as they were separated from their parents were “child actors.” Laura thinks the kids are real, but insists that they have it good — maybe too good — in “summer camps.” Sorry, what?

“The president is now doing what we should have been doing all along: prosecuting all border crashers,” Ingraham said on the June 18 episode of The Ingraham Angle. “Consistent with American law, when a party is arrested, your children are either sent to relatives or they become wards of the state. Since more illegal immigrants are rushing the border, more kids are being separated from their parents and temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps, or as The San Diego Union Tribune described them today, as basically looking like boarding schools. The American people are footing a really big bill for what is tantamount to a slow-rolling invasion of the United States.”

She did not include the context of the Tribune article she referenced, that upon closer inspection, the seemingly cheery center (with“classrooms, a play area with soccer goals and a medical clinic with superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman and the Hulk on the walls”) was more tantamount to a prison than anything: “It’s surrounded by fencing that is backed by privacy netting, and a sign at the gate warns visitors that it’s under video surveillance 24 hours per day. If someone opens the front door of the facility without first swiping a badge, an alarm blares through the hallway, warning of a potential escape.”

The backlash to Ingraham’s sickening remarks has been swift, with voters heading to Twitter to slam the controversial Fox News host. “Laura Ingraham never got over Hansel and Gretel eating her house. Sad.”, tweeted @thistallawkgirl. “‘After that press conference, I’m the most hated blonde in America.’ – Kirstjen Nielsen ‘Hold my peroxide.’ – Laura Ingraham,” W. Kamau Bell wrote. @MuslimIQ made a point: “So Laura Ingraham claims brown migrant kids ripped from their parents are being placed in ‘Summer Camps’ — not Concentration Camps. You know who else claims the Jews were put in “Summer Camps?” #EndFamilySeparation”.

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