Legal loophole means it’s not homicide to kill a wanted unborn child

Broadway actress Ruthie Ann Miles and her husband recently laid their baby girl to rest. Sophia Rosemary Wong Blumenstein died thanks to injuries sustained before birth in the same horrific Brooklyn crash that claimed the lives of two other children: Miles’ other daughter, 4, and a friend’s 20-month-old boy.

The killer, Staten Island motorist Dorothy Bruns, won’t face charges in little Sophia’s death — because New York’s “pro-choice” lobby zealously protects the legal loophole that says the wanton killing of even a wanted unborn child isn’t homicide.

You don’t have to be a pro-lifer to disagree. Access to abortion is unfettered in Massachusetts, for example, yet Bay State law allows viable fetuses to be treated as persons in homicide cases. Indeed, 35 states have similar laws.

The zealots’ fear is that any change in New York law will somehow undermine Roe v. Wade, which is as absurd as the National Rifle Association’s charge that any gun control is a step toward mass confiscation.

As Michael Benjamin pointed out in these pages seven years ago, “New York law now effectively denies adequate protection to pregnant women and their unborn children.”

Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-SI) is sponsoring a bill (A3579/S3830) to close the loophole while protecting doctors and women’s access to abortion service.

Passing it into law wouldn’t add to the charges against Bruns; the statute would only apply to future crimes — notably, to a killer whose only victim was yet unborn.

Which might help poor little Sophia, who never saw the light of day, rest easier.

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