Lesbian couple kiss in front of homophobic preacher ranting at them to ‘repent sins’ at Gay Pride in New Zealand – The Sun

A LESBIAN couple kissed in front of a Christian preacher during a pride parade attended by 7,000 people as he ordered them to “repent their sins”.

The moment was captured on video during the Gay Pride Parade in Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island, on February 8.

The preacher – from the Torch of Christ Ministries church – had turned up uninvited to the event, shouting religious beliefs on a megaphone.

In the clip, he can be heard saying: “You are controlled by the devil.”

In response, two young women begin kissing in front of him, surrounded by supporters of New Zealand’s LGBTQ+ gay community.

The preacher also says: “Today you can receive Christ in your heart.”

The video was released by the church on YouTube with a warning claiming that it includes “lewd sexual acts, partial nudity, troubling images, and other sexually suggestive content” and it “is not suitable for most children to watch”.

The caption reads: “We preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance while also telling people they are loved and cared about.

“We did our best to approach people with the fruit of the Spirit while also standing firm on God's truth.

“Many people did very vile and lewd sexual acts on the camera while later having a conversation with us because of the conviction of sin that set in.

“We bared our hearts, left everything on the altar to the Lord, and we pray that He is glorified by our obedience.

“Thank you for your prayers.”

Phillip Blair, the leader of Torch of Christ Ministries, was surrounded by LGBTQ+ supporters who told him “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it”.

The preacher – who has spoken at LGBTQ+ parades in the USA, as well as New Zealand and Australia – was eventually asked by police to move on, Mirror Online reports.

Last year, Mr Blair sparked controversy when he filmed himself shouting about his religious beliefs on a busy Sydney train, according to Mail Online.

He said: “We care more about saving the whales than we care about saving our unborn children.”

A man who was reading a book became annoyed as Mr Blair kept telling passengers that Jesus Christ can save them.

The passenger said: “All I want you to do is shut up and leave me alone.”

The Torch of Christ Ministries – which says its mission is “taking the light of Christ into all dark places” – often posts controversial videos.

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