Levi Bellfield’s bizarre relationship with his mother revealed

‘She wiped his backside and let him share her bed until he was 13’: Milly Dowler murderer Levi Bellfield’s bizarre relationship with his mother revealed by his ex ahead of documentary

  • Levi Bellfield’s mother Jean ‘wiped his backside’ and ‘shared his bed’ his ex says  
  • She has now revealed details over his bizarre relationship at home as a child
  • Johanna Collings gave evidence against her ex who she says raped her 
  • Bellfield has received four life sentences for killing four young women, including Milly Dowler

Child killer Levi Bellfield had a bizarre relationship with his mother who allegedly wiped his backside and shared a bed with him until he was 13.

Milly Dowler’s jailed killer was treated like a toddler in his teens, his ex wife has revealed, as a documentary on the murderer is about to air.

Johanna Collings, known as Jo, revealed to Sun Online Jean Bellfield and her son Levi were oddly close.

She said: ‘She wiped his a**e and let him share her bed until he was 13 years old.’

‘He called her every day and went round there all the time. He would stay there and she would lend him money whenever he wanted it.

‘She was the female version of him. It’s really bizarre how close Levi and his mum were.

‘You know you get that feeling – no matter what he did he was never in the wrong.

‘He could never do anything wrong in his mum’s eyes.’

Ms Collings who has two daughters with Bellfield says she was raped and beaten by him, including when she was pregnant.

Joe Collings (pictured above) said that she played a major role in bringing down Levi Bellfield

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Serial killer Levi Bellfield was eventually charged and convicted of the murders of Marsha McDonnell, Milly Dowler and Amelie Delagrange

In a horrifying interview with Sun Online she revealed the extent of his torture.

She said: ‘He raped me, strangled me, and burnt me with cigarettes but she turned a blind eye. She didn’t believe her ‘little soldier’ was capable of anything bad.

‘I don’t like it when people call him an animal. Animals kill for survival and they don’t rape.

‘He even beat me up in front of my 18-month-old daughter. She was screaming hysterically and right then, I could have killed him.’

Ahead of a new Really documentary ‘The Killer In My Family’ Jo said Levi only killed blondes because his mother who died aged 81 in 2017 had brown hair.

His mother was the reason he never killed a brunette. Her hair was so black it was blue. He only hated blondes – because they were the opposite of his mother.

In court he was backed by his mother and siblings, but Ms Collings gave evidence against him.

Retired Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police, Colin Sutton, told producers of the documentary he is still accused by the Bellfield family of ‘setting up’ Levi.

Sick killer Levi Bellfield killed Milly Dowler in 2002 but was not convicted for many years 

Mr Sutton says: ‘Bellfield and some of his family still say that we, the police and the criminal justice system, ‘fitted him up’ in their words, and that there was something crooked or wrong about the evidence.

Bellfield, who owned a wheel-clamping business in west London, had a string of convictions for minor crimes prior to being arrested on suspicion of the murder of French student Amélie Delagrange, 22, in August 2004.

He was given three life sentences in 2008: one for the murder of Miss Delagrange, one for killing 19-year-old Marsha McDonnell, in Hampton in 2003; and one for the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, 18, in May 2004.

Despite having been a suspect in the 2002 killing of Milly Dowler it was not until 2011 he was brought to justice, receiving a fourth life sentence and second whole-life tariff. 

Levi Bellfield flexing his muscles. The killer is accused of beating and raping his former wife

The Killer in My Family: Levi Bellfield is on Really at 10pm on Thursday 31st January 


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