Lewis Capaldi asks rockers Ronnie Wood and Imelda May to find him girlfriend

Single Lewis Capaldi has ­enlisted famous rock stars to help him find a girlfriend.

Stones legend Ronnie Wood and Imelda May are playing the role of Cupid for him.

Ronnie invited him to party with the Rolling Stones, saying: “Come and be my guest. You’ll have no problem mate, that’s my ­advice to you, you stick in there, hang in there mate.”

Imelda had a more ­solid offer of a date for him: “I’ve got two friends with me who are both ­fabulous and both single.”

  • Lewis Capaldi’s ex-girlfriend who inspired single is Britain’s Got Talent star

The chart topping Scot was getting the tips during an appearance on Later With Jools Holland.

Lewis, who still lives with his parents, revealed what he has to offer: “A bit of wrestling, maybe some kissing, it would be nice to give some kisses.

“My mother makes a really good steak pie and she has been washing my underwear.”

Who could resist…

Check out Lewis and Ronnie on Later With Jools Holland on BBC Two tonight and tomorrow night.

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