Lightning across UK captured on camera after 50,000 strikes in 24 hours – before MORE thunderstorms today

More thunderstorms are set to hit today as lightning across UK was captured on camera after 50,000 strikes in 24 hours.

Huge thunder and lightning storms have battered the UK overnight, reaching from North Wales to Scotland, following the scorching weekend heatwave.

Up to 6in of rain — two months’ worth — was set to fall overnight last night in a few hours.

The downpours, stretching from Birmingham to Cumbria, will be followed by more storms today, continuing until late Thursday.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond said: “There are risks of severe thunderstorms across most of Britain. 

“We are concerned that there may be flash flooding in low-lying areas. 

“But it will be sudden torrential downpours, not long sustained periods of rain.”

BBC Weather Watchers said that there were a staggering 50,000 lightning strikes in 24 hours across the UK following the weekend heatwave.

Thunderstorms struck overnight across North Wales, North West England and Southern Scotland.

The Met Office has issued yellow thunderstorm warnings across the UK between today and Thursday.

The warnings apply to the whole of the UK between today and Wednesday, while England and Wales are also thought to be at risk on Thursday.

The warning states: "Some places are likely to see severe thunderstorms early next week – but there is significant uncertainty in location and timing."

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