‘Machete maniac’ Peter Manfredonia ‘scribbled haunting checklist on room wall in red marker’ before ‘killing two’ – The Sun

"MACHETE maniac" Peter Manfredonia scribbled a haunting "checklist" on his apartment wall in red marker before "killing two."

Peter Manfredonia, 23, allegedly killed Connecticut residents Ted DeMers, 62, on May 22 and his Newtown High School classmate Nicholas Eisele, 23, on May 24.

The University of Connecticut student wrote on his off-campus apartment door that he was "upset" and referenced the Sandy Hook massacre, according to the New York Post.

The alleged photos, which were obtained by the Post, showed scribbles on a door which read: “I'm not angry… I’m upset."

A haunting checklist was allegedly written nearby, which read: "Is this bad? Will I get in trouble? Will they look at me strange? Problems and fears are the only two things that need to be confronted!!!!!"

Another alleged scrawling on the wall referenced the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, which was carried out by Adam Lanza, who grew up on the same street at Manfredonia.

The message, which is too small to decipher is signed "#Sandy Hook Promise," the outlet reported.

Alan Barry, a Danbury attorney whose law firm represents cooperating witness No. 1 in the state and federal cases against Manfredonia, told the Post: "I have no professional credentials to draw an opinion.

"The only thing I can draw on as a human, as an observer of human nature, I can say that what appears in this image is the writings of somebody who is profoundly angry and disturbed."

He continued: "If it turns out that he did commit these crimes, this is someone who is capable, on some immeasurable level, of monstrosity."

Manfredonia was caught in Maryland after a multi-state manhunt on Wednesday.

Cops announced Manfredonia had been apprehended on Twitter after a lawyer urged him to turn himself in this week on behalf of his family.

"Suspect, Peter Manfredonia has been found & is in custody," Connecticut State Police said, shortly after 9.30pm.

"CSP Eastern District Major Crime are on scene in Hagerstown, MD. No injuries to any law enforcement personnel or Manfredonia."

Police said more information about the situation would be revealed on Thursday.

His arrest was a combined effort from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland police, as well as the FBI.

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