Madeleine McCann documentary – Brit tourist recalls moment she heard Kate McCann ‘howling’ with grief when told Maddie had vanished

Jayne Jensen, who was staying at the same resort, described her anguished cries as "horrible and soul-destroying".

She described the incident in sensational new Netflix documentary The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, due to be released tomorrow.

Jayne was staying at the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns were holidaying at the time of the youngster's 2007 disappearance.

She told filmmakers she met Gerry, Maddie's dad, as they both played at the resort's tennis club.

Describing the moment she discovered Maddie had vanished, she said: "We bumped into this chap Jez, who was on our tennis team who said: 'Isn't it terrible about Gerry's little girl?'

"I said: 'Oh my God, I didn't know it was Gerry'.

"And that's when I heard that terrible noise, it was Kate howling, I could hear Kate howling and it was an animal sound.

"I've only heard it twice in my life. One was when my mother died and one was when my nephew died. It's horrible and it's soul destroying."

I could hear Kate howling and it was an animal sound."

Meanwhile, the documentary has also claimed Portuguese cops botched the hunt for Maddie by being "slow and secretive".

It says detectives were rash and desperate to blame parents Kate and Gerry.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann features 40 experts and key figures in the case, some of who argue she was taken to a foreign country.

Three-year-old Maddie disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz while on holiday with her family in 2007.

The documentary also claims Madeleine is likely to have been kept alive by child traffickers because, as a middle-class British girl, she would be more financially valuable.

But the abduction line of enquiry wasn’t prioritised by bungling Portuguese cops – who instead devoted their time to trying to pin the blame on Gerry and Kate.

The officer leading the probe, Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, was sacked in October 2007.

Amaral made the McCanns 'arguidos' – or official suspects – in the case before he was fired for astonishing public attacks on his British counterparts.

He didn't release any e-fits of suspects and missed crucial chances to get DNA evidence.

The barmy detective later claimed that MI5 had a role in Maddie's disappearance – hiding the body on orders from then-PM Gordon Brown.

He said he thought the McCanns had lied about the open window and shutters – and suggests they staged the abduction to cover up accidentally killing her.

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