Man, 24, whose dad sold his sperm '500 TIMES' is terrified of meeting a sibling on dating apps

THE son of a man who sold his sperm 500 TIMES says he's scared to use dating apps – in case he's accidentally matched with one of his siblings.

After tracking down eight of his siblings, the man still doesn't know how many brothers and sisters he may actually have – sparking fears he may have sex with a relative.

Zave Fors, from Portland, Oregon, was left shocked after he learned his brother was at the same school as him after taking a DNA test.

Mr Fors, 24, then traced his father through, where he discovered his biological father has sold his sperm hundreds of times over a 10-year period, reports The Mirror.

The donor is said to have an estimated 50 children.

His brother Daron McClennan-Colon only found out he was a donor-conceived child with a sister just a few miles down the road when Zave approached him on social media.

Zave and Daron even have memories of each other at school unaware their lives were so closely connected.

Mr Fors said: "Not knowing how many siblings I have has damaged my dating life.

"When I'm swiping around on Tinder, I don't really know who's related to me or not.

"There will always be a spectre of unknown lingering over me in intimate relationships. Short of genetically testing all of my partners, I will never have 100% certainty that we are not related.

"People say incest is statistically unlikely but isn't it unlikely that I went to school with my half-brother?

"He was two years ahead in school. So even though people say the likelihood of accidental incest is low, I still have to live in a constant state of apprehension.

"My other siblings had similar experiences. Two of them lived within two blocks of each other."

Zave said any unknown siblings of his may not even know that they were donor-conceived.

Zave's efforts to track down his family grew out of a growing desire to know who his dad was during his childhood.

After nine cycles, she fell pregnant and had Zave – raising him as a single parent and letting him know from the outset that he was a donor-conceived child.

However, he was desperate to know who his father was, despite his mum telling him this was impossible.

In 2018, Zave signed up to and took a DNA test in a bid to track down his dad, although he failed to discover any relatives when he received the results.

However, when he checked the site a few months later he received an alert telling him he had a DNA match with another user – his brother Daron.

Zave told The Mirror: "I didn't think I would have siblings. The thought never crossed my mind."

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