Man, 31, jailed for life after killing his partner’s ‘perfect’ 12-week-old boy by smashing head against surface

A MAN has been jailed for life after killing his partner's "perfect" 12-week-old boy by smashing his head against a hard surface.

Kane Mitchell, 31, killed Teddie Mitchell in November 2019 when the mum Lucci Smith, 29, was on a school run in Cambs.

Teddie, who was 12 weeks old, died in hospital 10 days later on November 11.

Judge Mr Justice Knowles said today that Mitchell, who is not the infant's father, squeezed Teddie with so much force that he fractured the boy's ribs and his collar bone.

He said that the assault also involved the "violent striking by Mr Mitchell of Teddie's head against a hard or unyielding surface".

This fractured the boy's skull and caused brain, spinal and eye injuries, the judge told Cambridge Crown Court.

The judge said said in separate, earlier occasion Mitchell had fractured two of Teddie's ribs and his collar bone.

He found that Mitchell did not intend to kill the child but that "in sudden temper and frustration with Teddie" he intended to "cause really serious harm" to him.

Matthew Jewell QC, mitigating for Mitchell, said the "spontaneous loss of temper" may have been in response to the child crying, adding that it was not a case where there was an "ongoing catalogue of neglect".

Mitchell was found guilty at trial of murder and of causing or allowing serious harm to a child.

Mitchell was sentenced today to life in prison and must serve at least 18 years before he can be considered for parole.

The judge said the child's mother did not call an ambulance until 3pm on that day, which was after the afternoon school run.

He said: "Her failure to obtain earlier medical help couldn't have saved Teddie – it could have spared him some pain and suffering."

He said that Teddie's injuries were as a "direct result" of Mitchell's actions and that Smith "was unaware" of what happened, but that "it was obvious to her something was seriously wrong".

The judge also said there is evidence that Smith "cared about… and loved" Teddie, and that Mitchell was an "overbearing partner".

Smith was found guilty of cruelty to a child, for not securing earlier medical help.

The judge sentenced her to a two-year community order, noting that she had already spent several months in prison while remanded in custody ahead of her trial.

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