Man brands mum ‘stingy’ for not buying lunch – after she paid for his holiday

As a parent , there are a lot of things you have to do for your children.

But once they reach a certain age, these responsibilities start to fade away, as they gradually learn to take care of themselves.

But one mum has shocked the internet by revealing just how much her grown up children still expect from her and how much she still does for them.

The unnamed woman took to Perth Mums Facebook group to share her story, which had left her feeling rather upset.

She revealed that she had six children, all aged between 16 and 27, and the family recently decided to go on holiday to Phuket, in Thailand .

The woman and her husband kindly covered pretty much all of the costs – flights, accommodation, airport transfers, travel insurance and a day trip to Phi Phi island as well the breakfast buffet and dinner each night.

All they asked in return for the trip, was that their kids bring along their own spending money and pay for food on the plane as well as lunches for themselves while they were away.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

But one of her children wasn’t quite so pleased.

In her Facebook post, she wrote: "The 22-year-old has said to me today that I’m stingy because I’m not paying for lunches (which will only cost no more than $10 on the plane and in Patong each day) although just about everything else is being paid for."

She explained that her child did have a job so was earning money and had previously agreed to pay for any extras on the trip.

At the end of the post she asked for some "honest feedback" as she didn’t think she was being unreasonable.

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Other parents were quick to reassure her that she wasn’t.

One branded the 22-year-old a “spoiled little brat" and said they "could do with a lesson in reality”.

Another wrote: "I’m 21, my mum’s taking me to Bali and I have to pay for my flight. Your 22-year-old is lucky."

A third added that the behaviour was "typical" of "kids these days".

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