Manchester United fan baffled after Old Trafford stewards rule her Tesco bag for life is terror threat and ‘destroy’ it – The Sun

A FOOTBALL fan was left gobsmacked after a steward claimed her empty Tesco carrier bag was a terror threat.

Manchester United supporter Jacqueline Webb was refused entry to Old Trafford unless she handed over her empty bag for life to be destroyed.

The 61-year-old season ticket holder took the bag to store her umbrella after braving the torrential rain for last Sunday’s Premier League match against Watford.

But Jacqueline, of Manchester, was stunned when a steward at the turnstiles ordered her to hand over the bag she had stuffed in her coat pocket.

She told The Sun Online: “I was baffled when she said I couldn’t take it into the stadium.

“I protested asking what harm it was doing in my pocket, but got no answer.”

The diehard United fan, who sports a bright red hair colour in honour of the club, was appalled at the stewards reluctance to explain and requested a supervisor.

Drenched Jacqueline continued: “I seemed to be waiting ages and was conscious about missing the start of the game, so I had a change of heart and reluctantly handed her the bag.

“I then asked her to leave the bag outside for me to collect later, for her to tell me it is going to be destroyed due to anti-terror measures.

“I told her she would have a good job, it’s not just any bag, it’s a bag for life!”

To make matters worse, after finally getting through I saw numerous people with carrier bags!

In the commotion, Jacqueline claims the barmy steward forgot to search her handbag in the process.

In 2017, Manchester United became the first sports club in England to appoint a full-time counter terrorism manager after two high profile security lapses.

The two incidents in 2016 left the club red-faced; beginning in May when a fake bomb sparked a terror scare after being left in a toilet cubicle following a security company’s training exercise.

After being found by a fan the ground was evacuated 20 minutes before kick-off, postponing United’s final game of the Premier League against Bournemouth.

Just six months after the first embarrassing blunder, two ticketless supporters managed to spend the night in the so-called ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

The bold pair hid in the toilets overnight after sneaking off during the official stadium tour, in a remarkable bid to watch the Red Devils take on Arsenal the following day.

The official Manchester United website states that since the start of the 17/18 season, they have enhanced searches of supporters at the turnstiles.

Jacqueline added: “I understand they have a policy on bag sizes, but empty bags?

“To make matters worse, after finally getting through I saw numerous people with carrier bags!

“What does Manchester United have against Tesco bags?”

Matchgoers with bags larger than the size criteria must leave their belongings at a designated ‘Bag Drop’ facility, at the cost of £5.

A spokesperson for the club told us: “We aim to create a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere for all supporters and with this in mind we do ask that supporters familiarise themselves with and abide by our Ground Regulations.

“If any supporter wishes to get in touch with us about our Ground Regulations we are of course happy to discuss the matter with them.”



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