Matt Gaetz says he’s talked with OAN, Newsmax and Fox News about TV gig

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Rep. Matt Gaetz — the Florida congressman at the center of a twisted sex-trafficking probe involving an alleged $25 million extortion plot — is reportedly looking to duck out of Congress for a career on the small screen.

The close Trump ally has floated the idea of joining conservative networks, including One America News Network, Newsmax and Fox News, as a talking head, the Daily Beast reported.

“Yes,” Gaetz said when asked whether he asked about a future TV gig with OAN. “I’ve had many conversations with many people about life after Congress. These conversations have been very general in nature and have never included me soliciting or receiving an offer of employment.”

He added, “There is not a single conservative television station I haven’t had a passing conversation with about life after Congress. I have neither received nor solicited offers from any of them. But yes, I’ve talked to either executives, producers or hosts at Newsmax, OAN, Fox, Fox Business, Real America’s Voice and probably others I’m forgetting in this moment as I focus intently on refuting false accusations against me.”

Two sources at OAN confirmed to the Daily Beast that Gaetz had been sniffing around for a post-Congressional job — which was evident during his Feb. 22 visit to the network’s headquarters in San Diego.

A spokesperson for Fox News Media, however, said the GOPer’s chances with the network were nonexistent.

“No one with any level of authority has had conversations with Matt Gaetz for any of our platforms and we have no interest in hiring him,” the spokesperson said.

Axios on Tuesday first reported that Gaetz, 38, was considering an early retirement from politics to become a talking head at Newsmax — just as news broke of a federal sex-trafficking investigation into whether the congressman paid for sex with an underage girl.

Gaetz has strongly denied the accusations, firing back that he and his family are actually the victims of a $25 million shakedown by two men — former federal prosecutor David McGee and ex-Air Force intelligence officer Bob Kent.

He claims the pair offered to somehow get the sex-trafficking probe dropped — if Gaetz’s father, former Florida state Sen. Don Gaetz, coughed up the whopping sum to help free American hostage Robert Levinson from Iran.

Levinson, a former FBI agent and CIA contractor who went missing in Iran in 2007, was declared dead by his family last year.

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