Meet the men from all over the world vying for Euromilions winner Jane Park's heart and a £60k a year deal to be her boyfriend

The Scots lotto winner revealed her unusual plan to find Prince Charming last week, setting up a website offering lads an “annual allowance” to date her.

And would-be Casanovas from as far afield as America, Germany and Egypt have all been been vying for her attention since the site launched.

She has been bombarded by thousands of offers from hopeful lotharios – and her Instagram account has more than doubled in followers.

In their quest to be the new Mr Jane Park with a bank full of cash, some potential suitors have already popped the question to prove their commitment to the Lotto millionaire.

And now you can meet some of the chaps from all across the globe who are desperate be the socialite's Mr Right.

The wannabe Mr Rights

Peter Achianda, Kenya –"Its not all about money but love,getting one who cares,creates time for,one who makes you feel loved.

"I only have one answer to her, if she gave me the allowance money, I'll use it to make every moment with her.

"Seeing her smile and happy will be my biggest joy."

Marco Chang, USA – “I want to go out with her and eventually marry her but I don’t want her to pay me anything or take any of her money.

"I would even be fine signing a prenup, so I think that separates me from any possible suitors she is considering.”

Nicolasalsinabobo Bobo (location unknown)- "Please connect me to Jane Park."

And the mystery men…

Bobby Diaz, New Orleans – "I'd be perfect for you Jane . I'm loyal and looking for exact same thing as you. You are perfect the way you are and I know if we got the chance we could be a perfect match."

Anand Chauhan, India – "I don't need your money but I need you because you are a broken heart like me. I think we can better understand each other.  We can be a really good friends for a long life dear I will wait for your answer."

Peter Michael, Tanzania – "I don't need any money I really love her she's looking good."

Muhamed Jawhar, Kurdistan – "I want to contact with Jane I'd like to meet her."

Duke Tabuko, Nigeria – "I appreciate her desire but that's not the proper way to true friendship .I want her to know me first by calls, email etc. If l can afford coming to UK to see her then l will. So that we can talk."

The hilarious proposals and Jane's ultimate quest for love are set to be the focus of a new reality show after years of being unlucky in love.

She briefly dated X Factor reject Sam Callahan and was also linked to reality star Brian Matthews.

Last year, she was “blissfully happy” with footie lover Jordan Piggott, but things soon fizzled out with her later joking she was "fat and single".

She later took a veiled dig at the footballer ex – sharing a pic of Dundee shirts with the caption “holy hell”.

And she was snapped getting cosy with a mystery pal on Saturday night after launching her £60,000 hunt for a new boyfriend.

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