Meghan Markle condemned for wearing 'blood money' diamond earrings from Saudi prince

MEGHAN Markle has been condemned for wearing extravagant "blood money" diamond earrings gifted to her by a controversial Saudi prince.

She has been slammed by those fighting for justice for murdered Jamal Khashoggi – as they were given to her by the man accused of ordering his death.

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Michael Eisner said the chandelier earrings were "bought with blood money" by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

He said he was "baffled" that the Duchess did not know the Saudi royal was linked to Khashoggi's high-profile murder when she wore the earrings to a State dinner in 2018.

Her lawyers, however, have insisted that at the time, Meghan was unaware of the widespread speculation that the Saudi royal family was likely behind the killing of the Washington Post journalist.

Mr Eisner spoke out as it was reported Meghan still has the sparklers – which were given to her as a wedding gift.

The Mail on Sunday today reported the incredible Chopard earrings remain Meghan's responsibility.

Gifts from foreign heads of state are officially considered Crown property, according to Royal protocol.

However, wedding gifts given to senior Royals are not "loaned out" and instead the recipient can keep them up until their death.

"Those earrings were bought with blood money and given to her by a murderer," said Mr Eisner, chief operating officer of Democracy for the Arab World Now (Dawn). "She has no business wearing them."

The earrings were accepted as a wedding gift when the Crown Prince had lunch with the Queen during a three-day visit to London in March 2018.

The Duchess, 39, was then pictured wearing them to a state dinner on a tour of Fiji – three weeks after the murder of outspoken Khashoggi.

At the time, the Crown Prince was facing worldwide condemnation for orchestrating the murder.

However, Meghan's lawyers say she was unaware of the widespread speculation.

Three days after the Fiji dinner, on October 20, Saudi Arabia admitted its embassy officials in Istanbul were responsible for Khashoggi's death sparking worldwide condemnation.

The following month, Meghan wore the earrings AGAIN at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace.

Earlier this month, the CIA said, in a report released by President Joe Biden, that the Saudi Crown Prince approved that Khashoggi be “captured or killed".

The earrings have now been placed in safe storage, it is believed. But a spokesman for Meghan last week refused to comment on their whereabouts.

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