Meghan Markle lookalike enjoys amazing weightloss ahead of her own wedding

Like most of the country, Vicki King will be gripped as Meghan Markle prepares to marry Prince Harry in Windsor this time next week.

And while Ms King may have a name ­worthy of royalty, that’s not her only ­connection to the Duchess-in-waiting.

Like the Suits star, Vicki is also 36 and, following a whirlwind romance with her own Prince Charming, is also set to tie the knot this summer.

Now, after shedding 3st 3lb and four dress sizes, dark-haired Vicki has more than a sprinkle of Ms Markle’s sparkle.

Still in shock at her fairy-tale ­transformation, Vicki, who has adopted Meghan’s style for our photo shoot, says: “I really can’t wait for my own wedding now.

"Watching the royal wedding will really get me excited, although no doubt they will have had a much bigger budget than us!”

Vicki has gone from 12st 7lb to 9st 4lb and a dress size 16 to size eight, which means she now needs to have her wedding dress taken in.

“I bought it when I had only lost a stone,” she laughs.

“Now it needs taking in and a huge chunk taken out of it. It feels fantastic as I’m so much happier and more relaxed. And now I picture myself in the dress and I know I will feel like a princess.”

Administration officer Vicki had spent years lacking the confidence to dream of walking down the aisle – after trying to lose weight seven years ago.

She had given up smoking at the age of 29 and had really seen the weight pile on as a result.

A break-up led to a crash diet that helped her initially lose two stone but when Vicki met now-fiance Ross Miller, 39, on a dating website in 2014, she fell into a familiar trap… ending up putting even more weight back on.

At 5ft 3in, she was 12st 7lb and a size 16. It wasn’t just that she felt unhappy in her clothes, it was knocking her confidence and increasing her anxiety.

She says: “I lost weight too quickly after a stressful split and then, over time, I met Ross. As you do when you start dating, we were going drinking a lot and eating out.

“I found that I started to get really stressed and unhappy at work and, as the weight piled on, anxiety kicked in.

“Putting on weight was a mental and physical strain because I had no ­confidence. I said to Ross, ‘I need to
do something, no one else is going to do
it for me’.”

The moment Vicki realised she really needed help was one day in June 2016, when she burst into tears after seeing herself in the mirror.

This time, Vicki, of Brighton, East Sussex, knew she had to lose the weight properly if she was going to keep it off.

Having struggled with previous diets, she decided to go to a local Slimming World group after it was suggested by a colleague. And she was pleased to see losing the pounds didn’t mean going hungry. “Straight away, I couldn’t believe how much you can eat and what you can eat compared to what I was eating,” she says. “I’m a foodie and I wanted a plan where I could eat what I wanted – and I do.

“When I was overweight, I never ate breakfast. I barely ate before lunchtime but I was eating all the wrong foods and too much food at the wrong times. Now I eat all day but it’s the right things.”

Vicki admits that before she started the diet she’d go for easy foods like a burger and chips or fried chicken, often washed down with half a bottle of wine.

She also used to have an addiction to crisps, so decided she needed to completely cut them out.

“I look back and think, ‘Oh my God, how did I eat that?’ I was eating crisps all the time. Now I just don’t buy them because I know I’ll eat them all and feel rubbish. It’s not worth it.”

Instead, Vicki grazes on fruit and vegetables, has a healthy veggie lunch and still has a satisfying dinner such as homemade pasta, homemade chicken curry or a healthy roast.

She is often eating more food than she did so previously.

“I have bigger portions than Ross! It’s all about loading up on lots of ­vegetables rather than just having the pasta,” she explains. “Sometimes I cut the pasta out completely.”

And she hasn’t had to cut back on going out either. She still loves trips to Nando’s but will just choose skinless chicken options instead.

Alongside her new food plan, Vicki took up running and signed up to her first half-marathon earlier this year but had to pull out due to injury.

Just the thought of taking on such a challenge marks a massive change.

“When I was overweight, I really wanted to go to the gym but didn’t feel comfortable or confident,” she says.

“So Ross got us an exercise bike and I started going on it three to four times a week for half an hour – it was great because no one could watch me. Then, in April last year, Ross and I signed up to the gym together. I started running four to five times a week.”

Vicki found time for exercise by running to appointments instead of driving, and going to the gym early. “All I used to do was go to work, get home, sit down, eat and sleep,” she admits. “Now after work I will go to the gym or for a swim. It’s all about learning to make the time you have worthwhile.”

But the biggest change was not just being able to buy a smaller dress size, she had won back her ­confidence. She said goodbye to her anxiety and was back to being the warm, engaging person operations manager Ross had fallen for.

Vicki even believes this new-found confidence is what inspired Ross to pop the question, six weeks after she started Slimming World.

“I remember how quickly I started to feel better about myself,” she says. “Every week I could see the numbers going down on the scales and that keeps you so motivated.

“I knew I couldn’t miss a week because if I slipped up I wouldn’t go back. The progress keeps you going.

“I think I was happier in myself and that made Ross feel happier. Although he’d never say that was what made him pick the timing, I think it played a part.”

Vicki has two months before she and Ross follow in Meghan and Harry’s footsteps. While her wedding won’t be broadcast for millions to see, Ms King will no doubt feel like royalty.

    Diet before

    Breakfast: Nothing.

    Lunch: A chicken, bacon and mayonnaise sandwich with crisps and a chocolate bar.

    Dinner: Burger and chips, Half a bottle of wine. Snacks: More crisps and chocolate.

    Diet after

    Breakfast: Fruit and yoghurt.

    Lunch: Salad with carrots, peppers and mushrooms, with fruit.

    Dinner: Homemade spaghetti bolognese.

    Snacks: Hi-Fi Slimming World bar or Curly Wurly.

    • For more information, or to find your nearest Slimming World group, visit or call 0344 897 8000.

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