Melania Trump Reportedly ‘Not Afraid’ To Visit Iraq Troops Amid Speculative Reports About The Visit

Melania Trump has faced heightened criticism regarding her trips abroad, but there’s one trip in question that the first lady was reportedly happy to attend: their visit to the Iraq troops.

According to Hollywood Life, Melania Trump has been at the center of controversy for a multitude of reasons. From the staggering cost of travel to her attire, she’s been scrutinized for an array of different reasons, but when she was asked to visit the Iraq troops with Donald Trump, she reportedly agreed to do so “without hesitation.”

An insider close to Melania Trump has revealed details about the trip, admitting Donald Trump was the one with reservations about his wife accompanying him. It reportedly took a number of “subsequent briefings” for Trump to feel comfortable with his wife making the trip.

“As soon as Donald told her he would be visiting the troops in Iraq, Melania had no hesitation in announcing she would accompany him on the trip,” an insider told the publication. “At first Donald was hesitant, as he didn’t want Melania to be put in harm’s way, but after subsequent briefings, he felt confident that the security would be airtight”

The insider went on to share Melania’s reaction to the trip, reporting that the first lady felt “proud and honored” to visit the troops, and actually enjoyed the trip.

“She felt proud and honored to be there with them and was made to feel really welcome and appreciated. Melania doesn’t scare easily and she didn’t feel frightened at all while she was in Iraq, their security detail was amazing and the base they visited is very secure.”

The latest news follows a string of reports about Melania Trump’s concerns for her husband’s well-being due to the stress, the heightened responsibility that comes with the presidency, and the infamous Mueller investigation. Because of his hectic work schedule, Melania has reportedly made a gratuitous effort to be supportive in any way she can.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, the Trump family was forced to abruptly change their Christmas plans due to the government shutdown. Unfortunately, Melania ended up leaving Trump’s luxury Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago – where they spend Christmas each year – to fly back to Washington D.C. to be by her husband’s side. Although Melania reportedly wasn’t thrilled about spending Christmas in Washington, she did so without hesitation to support Donald Trump.

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