Melania Trump Skipping Donald’s Trip To Camp David Amid Theories About Why She’s Missing

Enough is enough. Where in the world is Melania? The answer so far is not with Trump! FLOTUS skipped a family trip to Camp David and it’s only begging more questions.

Another day with no sighting of Melania Trump. The first lady hasn’t been seen in public for 22 days, and frankly, it’s starting to get worrisome. The last time Melania was seen in public was on May 10, when she and husband Donald Trump greeted three Americans who returned home after being held captive in North Korea. Four days later, she entered the hospital to undergo an embolism procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. She reportedly stayed at Walter Reed Medical Center for five days to recuperate. Now, we’re approaching a month. Where is she?

President Trump is now headed to the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland for the weekend — without Melania. It’s not a solo trip, either. After he boarded Marine One, his children Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, and Ivanka Trump were spotted heading to a vehicle to join him. Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner was along for the trip, as well. No word on Eric or Barron. With growing conspiracy theories mounting about Melania’s condition and whereabouts, the White House has had to address the situation. Their answers are only more confusing. During a press conference, the president gestured up to the White House and said she was “right there,” implying that she was watching the conference from an…empty window.

Her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, has said that Melania is simply hard at work behind the scenes, working on her Be Best initiative, which she announced shortly before disappearing from the public eye. She said to expect her at upcoming events, like the White House Fourth of July event. That’s still over a month away. Melania broke her silence on May 30 with a puzzling tweet. “I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing. Rest assured, I’m here at the @WhiteHouse w my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!” Does that sound strange to you? A popular conspiracy theory is that Melania totally didn’t write that — her husband did.

More theories: that she’s caring for her allegedly sick mother at the Trump golf club in New Jersey (White House shot it down), that she got plastic surgery and is recuperating (plausible), that she and Donald got a divorce and she fled to NYC (maybe), or that she snitched on him to Robert Mueller and now she’s in witness protection (unlikely, but amazing). Where is she??

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