Mexican town overwhelmed by the stench of 100 rotting corpses

Overwhelmed by mounting murders, authorities in Mexico have resorted to storing about 100 rotting corpses in a container parked on the outskirts of a city — enraging residents overcome by the powerful stench.

The semi-trailer truck was first spotted last week in a suburb of Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara, drawing the ire of the mayor, who said it was illegally parked. It then turned up in a field farther away from the city, where neighbors complained it stank.

“This affects our kids, it smells horrible and the longer it stays, it’s going to stink even worse,” Patricia Jiménez told Reuters.

José Luis Tovar worried that children in the neighborhood could come upon the corpse-filled trailer.

“It could make us all sick,” he said.

Following a recent wave of violence, local authorities said, they had nowhere to put the bodies. Laws in Mexico prevent the cremation of bodies linked to violent crimes.

By Monday, the trailer was moved again to an industrial area near the state attorney general’s office in Jalisco. An official in the Jalisco state attorney’s office said the trailer was properly refrigerated and never “abandoned,” the Guardian UK reported.

The office disputed reports that the container held 157 corpses — saying the number was closer to 100.

Jalisco’s general secretary, Roberto López, said they’re looking for a more permanent solution. A new morgue is supposed to be finished in a month and a half.

“When it is built, these bodies will be transferred,” said López, who admitted that using a truck showed a lack of respect.

The gruesome episode is a stark reminder of the violence plaguing the country. Mexico’s homicide rate hit a record high in 2017 with 29,168 recorded murders. There were 2,599 murders in July 2018.

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