Michael Cohen — disbarred former Trump fixer — gets COVID-19 vaccine

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From fixer to vaxxer.

Michael Cohen, the now-disbarred attorney who served as former President Donald Trump’s go-to lawyer before turning state’s evidence, received his coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday.

Cohen, 54, got the Pfizer jab at Manhattan’s Javits Center, which just one day prior was snarled with an hours-long wait, according to shot seekers.

But Cohen said that by Wednesday, the process was smooth as silk.

“It was flawless,” Cohen told The Post by phone. “The whole process was absolutely flawless in terms of execution. The people were well-prepared. They were polite. The lines moved incredibly quickly.

“I was in and out in approximately 25 minutes from check-in to vaccination.”

While he is not a front-line worker and falls short of New York state’s age minimum of 65 to get the vaccine, Cohen told The Post he qualified due to unspecified “health morbidities.”

He provided the same explanation to curious users on Twitter, where he posed with a sticker reading, “I got my COVID-19 vaccine at the Javits Center.”

“Remember that it’s not only about age,” Cohen tweeted to one user who questioned whether he was over 65. “You can also obtain authorization based upon health morbidities[.]”

It was not immediately clear whether Cohen on Wednesday received the first or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two shots administered three weeks apart for maximum efficacy.

Cohen is finishing out a three-year federal sentence under house arrest after pleading guilty in 2018 to tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

Once seen as Trump’s legal fixer, the pair’s relationship soured after Cohen implicated Trump while separately pleading guilty to lying during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.

As the pandemic worsened last year, Cohen was sprung from behind bars to finish his sentence under house arrest, but had trouble abiding by the terms, as The Post caught him dining out on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

He was briefly taken back into custody, but ultimately released again.

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