Michael Jackson was in love with the kids he abused claims Louis Theroux who made bombshell 2003 doc about shamed star

LOUIS Theroux claims twisted Michael Jackson thought he was in love with the children he allegedly abused.

The documentary-maker – who made a 2003 film about the shamed pop icon – said Jacko spent his life trying to normalise his warped relationships with kids.

Louis, 50, said he was convinced the star was a paedo years before the release of 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland, which contained graphic accounts from Wade Robson and James Safechuck who say the singer abused them as children.

He explained: “I have believed Michael Jackson was a paedophile for quite a while – it didn’t take that documentary to persuade me of that.

“But it was a very forensic and sort of granular examination of the grooming process, so I sent out a tweet that said, ‘If you don’t believe Michael Jackson is a paedophile you’re hiding yourself from the facts and colluding with abuse.”

Louis failed in his bid to secure a chat with Jackson when making his film about the Bad singer.

When asked what he would have asked Jackson if they had met, he said: “The question I would have asked Michael Jackson at the time was along the lines of, ‘What do you consider the true definition of love?’ – in the sense that, I genuinely think Michael Jackson loved the children he abused, which doesn’t make it any less horrible.

“It goes some way to explain why he was OK with it and why he was able to groom the victims and why the victims were susceptible to the abuse, because they didn’t at the time see it as abuse – they imagined themselves to be in a consenting relationship.”


Louis went on to say Jackson, who died aged 50 in 2009 after a massive tranquiliser overdose, made it clear he was a paedo and tried to “normalise” his sick behaviour every chance he could.

He said: “Michael Jackson was telling us at the time what his tastes were.

“He didn’t miss an opportunity to normalise an inappropriate relationship with children – with his Diane Sawyer interview, in his Oprah Winfrey interview, Martin Bashir interview – he would always say it was about sharing the bed with children.

“I think in his mind he was telling himself it was romantic.

“What would I ask him now? ‘What part of you imagined it was OK to have sexual relations with a child?’

“Sometimes you just have to bang it on the head.”

Louis has said he felt guilty he wasn’t as direct with serial sex attacker Jimmy Savile about allegations he was a sex fiend when he made a film in 2000 about the TV presenter.

Jackson was accused of abusing a string of children from the 1980s onwards after entertaining kids at his Neverland ranch.

Robson, 37, and Safechuck, 42, both say they were molested by the singer at the ranch.

Safechuck met Jackson as he filmed a Pepsi commercial in 1987.

He took legal action in 2014, claiming Jackson sexually abused him for four years from the age of 10.

Robson filed a lawsuit in 2013, saying he was abused from the age of seven, but the case was dismissed two years later before a ruling could be reached.

He claims Jackson molested him about 100 times.

Jordan Chandler also claims he was among those molested by Jackson in 1993 when he was aged 13 – infamously claiming the singer’s privates had “distinctive marks”.

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