Mom blows $10K on veneers, Botox while refusing kids’ Christmas gifts

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A self-obsessed mom in the UK is making Christmas jingle hell this year by blowing $10,000 on herself — and refusing to spend a single penny on her two children.

Carla Bellucci, 38, boasted about plundering a stocking full of cash on new veneers, Botox, manicures, facials and brand new duds ahead of Christmas Day, while demanding that her kids Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, make their own money if they want gifts under the tree.

She’s calling the scrooge move “no gift COVID Christmas.”

“If they want Christmas gifts, they’ll have to buy them for themselves — like I did,” Bellucci, who lives in Hitchin, about a 90-minute drive north of London, told The Sun.

The single mom says she deserved the blowout amid the harrowing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Lockdown stressed me so I need to spoil myself,” she said. “I have always bought the kids nice things at Christmas throughout the years. It’s mommy time now.” 

Bellucci, who makes money selling sexy snaps on her OnlyFans account, also called the self-indulgent splurge a “necessity.”

“I rely on my looks so it’s a necessity. But it means the kids will have to go without over Christmas,” she told the paper.

The mom then compared herself to Kris Jenner, saying she’s pushing Tanisha and Jayden to become insta-famous and TikTok stars — and they will thank her one day.

“It sounds harsh but I know they’re on their social media feeds doubling their efforts for promotion deals, just like the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner, so I consider myself a super mom for inspiring them,” the mom said.


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