Moment 10-month-old baby boy spills his mum's red wine all over his FACE

The clip shows baby Sam Gent picking up his mum's wine glass and drenching himself in the beverage.

Sam's mum Giselle Gent, 36, was shocked when 10-month-old Sammy grabbed her wine glass and accidentally poured it all over his face.

Giselle was filming Sammy at their home in Horsforth, Leeds, last week after he had just learned how to walk when the mishap occurred.

The mother and son duo went viral with the video after Giselle’s husband convinced her to upload the gaffe online.

Giselle posted along with the hilarious video: “Some days I question my parental skills… other days…”

The video has received over 625,000 views on twitter and has produced a follow up video of the internet sensation Sammy.

The clip shows Sammy waddling towards his mum with a cheeky smile on his face as the pair of them relax in the living room.

With his arms stretched out, Sammy grasps the sofa in front of him where his mother sits and comforts him.

Glancing over to his right, he sees the wine glass sitting on the arm of the sofa next to Giselle.

She can be seen waving at her son and holding his hand, oblivious to his next move.

Sammy reaches out with his right hand and grabs the wine glass as he sports a great grin on his face.

Before Giselle could grab snatch the wine glass from Sammy it was too late as the baby had spilled the wine all over his face.

Giselle can be heard saying “oh s*” before laughing at her drenched baby.

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