Moment £260,000 Ferrari 812 Superfast is towed away by traffic wardens outside Harrods as ‘supercar season’ arrives in London

And outside Harrods in London today a Ferrari 812 Superfast was seen being taken away by a traffic for illegal parking.

The car – worth £260,000 – was parked in Knightsbridge, where an average property goes for just below a whopping £3million.

Supercars typically swamp the streets of London with their outlandish body kits and custom paint jobs from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait each summer.

And they never fail to grab attention from onlookers – or traffic wardens.

They're often spotted outside London's most famous hotels and shopping centres such as Harrods.

Their annual visit is loathed by local residents who claim drivers rev their cars past shops and homes.

However traffic wardens working for local councils or private property owners often make a killing.


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