Moment a fox is spotted riding down motorway on the roof of a van

Quick brown fox! Moment a fox is spotted riding on the roof of a van in 70mph motorway traffic

  • Mithul Santhosh from Gillingham, Kent saw a moving fox on a van roof on the M2
  • The commuter spotted the animal while driving his friend to work on October 15
  • The van driver later stopped at a layby to get the unusual passenger off the roof

This is moment two startled workers spotted a fox riding on the roof of a van during their early-morning motorway commute.

Footage shows the fox moving around the top of the vehicle as 70mph traffic passes under a bridge on the M2 near Bredhurst, Kent. 

Mithul Santhosh captured the unusual hitchhiker last Friday while he was taking his friend Sooraj Vijay to work at 6.50am.

The baffled commuters said they were concerned the fox might jump off the roof and cause an accident on the road.

However, the van driver later pulled over to let the furry van surfer hop off.

The pair believe another driver may have warned him, or that he may have heard the fox moving around on the roof.

Mr Santhosh, who is from Gillingham, Kent said: ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life.

Mithul Santhosh and Sooraj Vijay are baffled to see a fox on the roof a van travelling down the M2 near Bredhurst, Kent

‘We were actually worried about the vehicles behind the van because if the fox had jumped into the road, there was a chance of an accident.

‘The driver was informed by another driver, and he stopped and rescued the fox.

‘We watched it for two or three minutes but we couldn’t stop because we were worried there could have been an accident.’ 


A healthy animal on any road has the potential to become a serious welfare concern if not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Because the situation can quickly become risky to both the animal itself and road users, all healthy animals on all roads are the responsibility of the police, Traffic Wales or Highways England.

If any of these organisations require the RSPCA’s assistance to capture or transport a healthy animal they are dealing with, they will contact the RSPCA directly and so there’s no need to reach out to them personally.

If there’s a healthy animal on a motorway or major ‘A’ road in England or Wales, call the Highways Agency (for England) on 0300 123 5000 or Traffic Wales on 0845 602 6020 so that arrangements can be made for the animal to be removed.

Any healthy stray animals found on minor roads in England and Wales should be reported to the police so that they can decide on the actions necessary to ensure the safety of road users and the animal.


This isn’t the first time a fox made itself at home on top of a vehicle.

Last December a musician was stunned to discover a lazy fox fast asleep on his car’s soft top roof – and the animal stubbornly refused to budge even when prompted.

Chris Payn had just finished a gig in Poole, Dorset, when he returned to his purple MGF soft top to find the unwanted visitor using his car as a bed.

Walking into the car park, the 25-year-old rock frontman initially thought a ginger cat was curled up on his vehicle, but was shocked to find it was actually a sleeping fox. 

Footage shows the creature briefly look up at Mr Payn as he asks him to climb down, before putting his head back on his tail and dozing off again. 

Rock musician Chris Payn returned from a gig in Poole, Dorset to discover a fox sleeping on the roof of his purple  MGF sports car

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