Moment moped rider throws brick through window of moving Porsche on dual carriageway

The hot-headed moped rider was filmed throwing the red block at the driver through the car's open window, rudely gesturing as he accelerated away on the dual carriageway.

Luckily, the driver of the Porsche managed to keep control of his luxury car, with the clip shared with the caption "chat s*** get bricked".

It was just one in a series of risky stunts online, with a moped driver also shown performing wheelies and doughnuts – billowing smoke as they attempt to show off on the streets.

The series of clips, which were first shared in January last year but have again started to be spread online, have been viewed thousands of times, with many slamming the impulsive daredevils.

It is not clear if it is the same person performing all the stunts.

In one of the clips, a person on a scooter can be seen being chased by two other people on a moped, with the victim rapped on the helmet.

Thousands of comments have been left on the clip, with one writing: "I wouldn't even called them bikers they are more like loners trying to get attention."

Another added: "Some of this was beyond funny, other was d***h***ish".

A third wrote: "Not gonna lie if someone on a bike bricked my car I'd knock em off n keep driving."

It's not the first time that mopeds have been caught on camera performing dangerous stunts, with a biker filmed ramming his moped into a car before flinging himself onto the windscreen.

Brazen thugs have been using mopeds to steal bikes, with some people forced to try to chase down the thieves.

A Sun investigation earlier this month revealed that moped thugs are snatching tens of thousands of phones on UK streets to supply a booming black market run by crime lords in Nigeria.

The mobiles, seized by acid-armed yobs, are shipped 4,500 miles to be sold for up to £560 to Nigeria’s tech-starved middle classes.

Sun investigators discovered “UK used” iPhones being sold for £560 in stores and markets in Nigeria’s largest city Lagos.

Business is booming for the Nigerian racketeers because of soaring demand from the oil-rich middle classes in a country where hi-tech gadgets are relatively scarce.

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